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Make $100/Day From Whatsapp With This 1 Trick

Am going to  show you how to make $100 in a day
on WhatsApp with this one trick in this post.
And this requires no technical skills, no following,
doesn't require you to talk to anybody.
Anybody can do this, unless you're in Nigeria or Bangladesh.
But otherwise I'm gonna show you
how you can make a lot of money.
Let's get started. All you need is a phone,
WhatsApp and access to the internet.
Let me show you how.
Making money on the internet is easy folks.
And in this post I'm gonna be showing you
how you can make $100 every single day using nothing
but your smartphone and WhatsApp, the messaging app.
And I'm gonna show you a trick of how you'll get paid,
how you can get the money and all that jazz.
So I'm gonna dive right into it on my computer,
but just to be clear,
you can receive the money one of two ways.
The way you will receive the money,
you either need an address,
where somebody or the company can send a cheque to,
or you need a bank account,
where the company will literally wire the money
to your bank account.
So you need an address or a bank account,
a smartphone and the internet to make this happen.
Now the first thing we're gonna do is,
we're going to go a site called okay? not quickbank or not clickbait,
And you type that in, you go there,
and what you wanna do is you want to sign up.
You'll just click create an account right there,
and you'll create an account with
Now the next thing you'll do is, you'll go over to this area
called the affiliate marketplace.
After you create an account you'll go right here
and you click that and you will be able
to find products to promote.
So this is called an affiliate network.
And it is a way you can earn commissions without ever
actually having to do any product support,
or actually owning the product,
or shipping anybody anything,
or knowing any technical skills or talking to anybody.
Literally it spits out links
and you send those links to people
and you make money.
So let's go right over here.
So we're gonna click search right here
and we're gonna search for the top products.
Now you'll see over 4200 products right here
which you can advertise.
And the column on the left side
shows you how much money you can make
every time somebody buys that product from you.
Pretty cool right?
A market place which tells you
how much they'll be paying you, right?
Okay. So what we'll do is,
we can go over to this section right here
called E-business and E-marketing
and you can select there or you can go over to page two
and you'll see my program is number 11 out of 4000 products.
This is my training program
on how to start your own business.
Now, my training program has changed the lives
of tens of thousands of people around the world.
You can enroll in it too if you want
but I'm gonna show you how to make money
doing affiliate marketing first.
Now, my program goes over paid traffic methods.
My assumption is, do you want to pay any money on traffic?
You just want to advertise for free and make money first
and that's a great way to get started.
So I'm gonna show you this free promotion methods
of how you can sell my products
so I make money, you make money and we all win.
Is that a deal?
Type in deal in the comments if you're game.
Let's both make money together.
Okay. And the way this works is,
you're gonna promote my product
and every time you promote it you will get paid $469.
So without going too deep into my program,
you'll go into and click that promote button
and you'll come up with a screen like this.
And your account nickname will show up.
You know in this case one of my account is this
and I will click this button right here
which says generate hoplinks.
And here's our link that we can copy.
So you can right click it and click copy
or you can click this button right here
which will copy the link.
Now before I move on to step number two,
if you are from Nigeria, Bangladesh
or some various African countries,
clickbank won't accept you.
I don't know, it's discrimination.
They think you're a scummy. Okay?
But I'm not saying you are.
I'm saying clickbank thinks you are.
So what you can do if you wanna still do affiliate marketing
and make money doing this method is,
you wanna go to digistore24,
and there should be a link in the description
and you can get started.
Digistore24 right here is a affiliate network
that accepts people from all over the world
no matter what country you're in.
So even if you're from Pakistan they'll accept you.
Okay? You just click register right here.
And you click register and you can sign up as an affiliate.
Okay? So I'm not gonna go too deep into that
but that's for the international people.
So we're over here on
as you can see over here.
It's called bitly okay?
And it says create Click-Worthy Links.
Now what we're gonna do is,
we're gonna scroll down and we're gonna go over to here
where it says shorten your link.
And we will paste our link right in there. Okay?
Right there and then we go over here
and click shorten. Okay?
So right there and then we click shorten
and we come up with a prettier link.
Who is so pretty?
Now I copy the link right there
and we're gonna go over to WhatsApp now. Okay?
So this is where we start getting our link out
an making money. Okay?
Now what you're gonna do is,
you're going to send a message to people via WhatsApp.
Anybody who phone number you have,
anybody whose phone number you can get,
anybody you can find a way to message on WhatsApp,
write them a message and message them this link.
And let me show you examples of messages I get
every single day from other marketers
because these messages work.
Now you should never say anything
that will get you in trouble.
But let me give you an example of a message that might work.
Now here we see examples of messages
that I receive via text form marketers.
But these are messages that would work similarly
on my product on WhatsApp.
So here's messages that other marketers are sending.
Alert for John, there's an opening in your area.
And then they include an affiliate link.
Okay? Good morning John, come in for an interview,
please connect today and set up an appointment together.
And then a link. Come in for an interview John.
John my daughter showed me this and I love it.
And then he gives a link
and it says sign up by you know, a date.
And then here's another one.
You said you need extra income you know,
and then it gives them a link,
as of August 26 it's available.
So these are all examples of messages
other affiliates are using to message me
to get me to buy from their affiliate links.
And here are some more messages that you can use
or examples oof messages that would work with this link
that I just showed you to copy.
So we see, John this blessing is all yours.
Enjoy it and use it for whatever.
Hey Monica, if this is yours,
keep this between me and you.
John, come in for an interview. Please connect .
Hey it's Jessica, this is for you, please keep this.
You know, here's the link you asked about.
All of these are great ways to get the affiliate link out.
Now here's an example of one
of the programs they're sending me to.
Okay? They're sending me to another kind
of make money online program
but what you wanna do is
you wanna take one of those messages
and just change out that link with your link
that you copied from bitly. Okay?
Does this make sense?
Type in the comments if this makes sense. In the comments.
If this is crystal clear.
Now using this method you can make a lot more
than $100 a day. You can make $469 in a single day.
Now you can promote programs, between me and you,
you can find other products which you can advertise
that pay less money but you come and you find a way,
you come up with your own text message to send people.
But this market place clickbank,
gives you a lot of products
which you can make a lot of money with.
Now I gave you a working way,
let me show you one extra method of how you can make money
without people even purchasing from your affiliate link.
Check this out.
So this site is called adfly. Okay? See it right here.
And what we see here is that you can actually get paid
just if people click your links.
So you literally get paid no matter if people buy or not.
Now you might not make $500 from this
but you can easily make $100 a day
just by sharing these links.
Now what's even better is, you can take your link
that you got from bitly or wherever,
you could take your affiliate link
and you can promote my program. Okay?
Generate a hoplink, you can copy your link in there
and then you can post it in adfly.
See that? So this bonus method includes,
you're gonna paste your link in here
and then you're gonna click the shrink button right there.
And now we have a new link.
So we gonna copy this and now if somebody goes to this link,
what happens is it shows them an ad. Okay?
So it shows them an ad before it takes them to my site.
And as you see, it's showing them an ad
for a couple of different seconds up here,
yous see the adfly logo, and it shows them this ad
and you make money just because the saw this ad. Okay?
You don't get paid that much but each visitor
is worth about like five cents. Okay?
So each visitor's worth like something like a penny.
But either way you make money no matter what.
Now once the ad is done and they skip the ad,
so you make money no matter what.
Now they're going to your affiliate link right here
and you still have another chance to earn money.
You can earn up to $470 if they end up going through.
You're giving them a free training
and they go through the free training
which is how to do affiliate marketing
and paid advertising.
How to do affiliate marketing with my secrets
and you will make money and we both make money.
So I just showed you a guaranteed way to make money
no matter what and on top of that,
you can make an extra $500
and if you make one sale a week,
you're making an extra $100 every single day
which is amazing.
Now make sure you type in WhatsApp money
in the comments area below. WhatsApp money.
If you got value from this
and if you're gonna go out there
and use this method to market, type in WhatsApp money
cause this is exciting.
We're making money and we're doing it easy
without spending any money ourselves.


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