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How to Make Money on Instagram

so what's going on guys in this Post 
we'll be going over a way you can make
an extra hundred dollars a day at any
age anywhere in the world through
Instagram so as I just stated in this
Post  we'll be going over a little
finesse scheme a little business model
that you can use to make some decent
money I know what you're thinking you'll
be a hesitate like button but I have a
question I'm not a little pump I'm not
Bobby shmurda I got no bars how am I
gonna I'm not famous on Instagram how am
I gonna make money that's the beauty of
the strategy that I'm gonna be talking
about today it doesn't matter who you
are it doesn't matter what age you are
you can use this to make money and this
is done through something called
Instagram themed pages if you don't know
what that is it's basically where a
certain individual will start a page
Instagram page and a specific niche say
it's cars Fitness fashion means anything
and they'll start reposting people's
content so say I start a fitness page
I'll start reposting people's workouts
you know I'll give them credit they're
happy they're getting free publicity I'm
happy I have content to post and I'm
growing a page so I'll actually go ahead
and hop into my phone and show you guys
a couple of examples of what I'm talking
about so this right here would be a
classic example of a mean page to either
reposting these little meme posts
they're giving people okay this pages
they're giving people credit for them
those people are happy they're happy
this page has four million followers I
mean that's that's really good another
example 1.5 million followers in the
cars in each same exact thing the
reposting stuff that specific to their
niche in this case cars you're giving
people credit for it and they're going
there they have a little following now
final examples same exact thing but in
the fitness niche as you can see they're
posting diet type stuff they're posting
before and afters workouts stuff related
to the fitness niche I know it's cool
and all these pages have a lot of
followers that's nice but where's the
actual money and the way people make
money off these Instagram theme pages is
that advertisers and people looking to
promote their product their company will
actually hit these pages up and pay them
to post a photo and advertisement on
their page and obvious
see the more followers you out of the
more pages you have the more money you
can make from this and the sky's the
limit here you can turn this into
something pretty serious that's just the
basic business model and what I want to
do next is actually dive a little deeper
and show you how all of this actually
how do people hit you up how do you find
people who will pay you to post on your
pages how do you grow pages so if you're
interested in that stick around that's
gonna be the next part of this so step
one is obviously gonna be making the
page itself and before you even do that
you got to think of a niche now you know
there's there's leeches that you can
grow very easily there's niches that you
can grow that are a little harder to
grow but you shouldn't be caught up
without what you need to think about is
what niche can I choose that people will
pay me the most money for you know what
what do people want to advertise the
most and what audience do they want to
advertise the most - and that's kind of
the page you want your audience to have
so once you've found your niche you
started your account that's when you
start grinding to get those followers
there's a million different YouTube
Posts out there on YouTube of different
strategies that you can use to build up
your Instagram I'm not gonna be going
into that in this post I'll probably
make a post of that in the future
though so you're gonna use these
techniques and strategies you know to
get to your first ten twelve thousand
followers that's when you can actually
begin making money off your theme page
so I personally made my first Instagram
shout-out sale at about ten twelve
thousand followers it was on a travel
and photography type pages that I
started so it's basically that kind of
range ten to twenty thousand that's when
you first begin making money you know
ten twenty dollars here and they'll
start going from there and now when you
first start out you might not have your
damps flooded with people asking you to
promote the product throwing money at
you that's not how it's gonna work you
know your first ten twenty thousand
followers yeah people will hit you up in
DMS for shoutouts but it's not very
frequent so during that period I
personally when I was doing this use the
service a little website called shout
Cart I'll leave a link for it below and
what shout card basically is it's a
service that connects people who want to
buy shout outs to people who want to
sell shout outs
it's specifically designed for this
business model and for people looking to
make money in this but the drawback with
shout card is that it takes about 20 to
30 percent of your cut and that's a lot
of money but when you're
starting out you know it's fine if you
don't have a bunch of people ready to
pay you in your diem is ready to PayPal
you directly the full amount shout card
is a great idea just because you'll get
your first couple of sales I don't make
your little make you the page you're
going worth your time and once you're
making your first couple of sales you
know you want to keep growing keep
making money
upping your prices and what you
eventually want to do is start opening
up a page a page or two in the same
niche as the page you're currently
running and making money off of and the
cool thing about that is once you have
this page that's making money and you've
started a couple of other pages you can
use your big page to promote the little
ones and you already know what you're
doing and you can really grow them up a
lot quicker and obviously the more pages
you have the more money you can make the
more shoutouts you can sell and that's
kind of the end goal of this whole
strategy is to eventually have a lot of
pages in the same niche and although the
end goal is to have a lot of pages I
really don't recommend that you start
out with ten different pages just
because this is something that's gonna
take some time to get good at it's gonna
take some time to grow so starting out
ten different pages right off the bat
you're gonna spread your self kind of
thin and you're gonna burn out and we're
out and this is where a lot of people
give up on this golden opportunity so
that's how you actually make money from
the themed page and like I said earlier
in the Post I'm not gonna be going in
depth on how you can actually grow the
page but I will give you guys three
three simple tips to kind of help start
you off tip number one would be that
there's no shame and starting out your
page and you know getting the ball
rolling through follow for follow a lot
of people tell you oh that's gonna
shadow band your account
I mean I've personally started a lot of
pages and growing them to hundreds of
thousands of followers and I would start
them out the same way each time and
that's by starting to use follow for
follow till I get to about you know four
to five thousand followers at which
point the posts on the page they'll
start getting unlike spore page and
you'll start getting organic growth but
the first five thousand followers I mean
follow for follow all the way tip number
two is gonna be to post like crazy and
when I say like crazy I'm talking a six
posts a day minimum if you look at very
successful pages like world start
they're posting 2030 times a day which
is insane and if you have the time
suppose twenty thirty times a day
go for it power to you that's gonna work
and the reason why you want to do that
it's like I previously said you know
once you get to your first 5,000
followers your posts will start getting
on the explore page and you'll start
getting organic growth from that so the
more you post the more of your posts
will get onto the export page and the
quicker you can grow the more followers
you can have tip number three is gonna
be to always have a story posted on your
theme page the reason why that's
important is because when you post a
story you get that little ring around
your profile picture and this little
brain does wonders
so one it'll actually make your account
look more aesthetically pleasing to
people who stumble across it on the
explore page you know they see you have
a nice bio they see you have that cool
little circle around you you got a nice
profile picture boom follow and they're
more important reason is that you appear
way more active so I'll show you guys a
comparison no story story as you can see
the profile picture with a story I mean
it shows that you've been active in the
last 24 hours
and people really have no interest in
following a dead page but if you have
that circle people know okay this guy's
been on the page sometimes last 24 hours
this is an active page boom follow oh
that's gonna be it for this Post  hope
you guys enjoyed it hope you guys got
something out of it in future posts
I'll probably go more in depth on to
actual ways you can grow the page and
that whole aspect of this business model


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