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How To Make Money From Your Music in 2020

hello and welcome to the post today I
want to talk about making money
from your music in 2020 whether you're
an artist music producer rapper singer
songwriter what's the quickest and
easiest way to make sure that you're
getting paid the full amount of money
you deserve for the art that you're
creating specifically I'm going to be
showing you the cheapest and quickest
way to get your music on to all of the
major streaming sites and sales sites so
not just iTunes and Spotify Apple music
but also you know tidal Deezer and about
a hundred and fifty other stores how do
you make this happen as quickly and
easily as possible stuff to do with
money and finance can often become
really stressful and the last thing you
want is for this to become a real burden
on your creativity and your art so a lot
of you may know that you can't simply
just upload your music to all of these
stores by yourself you have to go
through a middleman historically this
has been a record label but nowadays you
know most independent artists are using
distributors the problem with
distributors is that they're usually
still taking a big cut of your profit
they're charging you a lot of money up
front but your albums your singles out
there you know some are charging as much
as thirty or forty dollars just to put
an album out there each year and others
might let you upload music for free but
then they're taking a percentage of your
royalties which is something you want to
stay away from completely the
distributor that I finally settled on is
called district it and I was recommended
it by a friend and then I noticed that
loads of really sensible producers and
artists are using it as well and I
actually have an exclusive discount for
you so if you go to district 8 com
forward slash VIP forward slash in the
mix you'll actually get money off your
first year it's a distributor where you
submit your music and your artwork and
you basically just give them some basic
information you know when you want it to
be released or artist page you want it
to go on to and they pretty much do the
rest of you they create your artist page
on Spotify iTunes Apple music and all
the rest of it and it's also going to
verify that artists page so you'll get
your verified tech or or star and
Spotify and then you start collecting
all of your revenue you get a hundred
percent of the streaming revenue the
sales and it's all for one small upfront
cost each year so you pay nineteen
ninety nine dollars
or a little bit cheaper if you using my
discount link and you get to upload
unlimited singles unlimited ep's albums
as many songs as you want any time of
day or night you get to upload as much
as you want and on top of getting to
upload as much as you want your music
gets into stores about 10 to 20 times
faster than any other distributor this
really really shocked me because most of
the time with any other major
distributor you have to wait you know 10
days two weeks if you're lucky
sometimes four to six weeks to get your
music onto stores in district it
sometimes our music is in stores in a
matter of hours usually between one day
or two days sometimes as quick as a
matter of hours and this just really
shocked me because like I didn't ever
like waiting 2 to 4 weeks to get my
music out there and district it just
does it like that I do have a full
tutorial showing exactly how to use
district it which I'll link in the
description but it really is foolproof
it's not difficult to figure out it it
really is made for absolutely everyone
and as well as being the cheapest and
the fastest and the easiest one to use
at least in my opinion there's also a
couple of standout features that I want
to talk about that I think set district
it apart from the competition the first
one being their incredible customer
service you never get messed around by
them I've had a couple of queries or
worries in the past about things they've
always replied incredibly quickly I got
to speak to a real human being and it
just sort of settled all my worries this
sort of money stuff financial stuff it
gets stressful the last thing you want
are these doubts and worries creeping in
when really all you want to do is create
incredible art another two features I
want to talk about are Shazam and
YouTube maximization so you can opt your
music into Shazam which means that if
anyone hears it in a public place or
maybe on the radio or in the car or
whatever someone else is playing another
party they can just Shazam it and your
music will show up that's incredibly
useful and our music has actually been
discovered through this feature over a
thousand times another thing is the
YouTube Maximizer so you can opt your
songs into this and it means that if
anyone else uses your music you know
it's a backing track in a youtube post
or something like that you get alerted
and if you want you can look at it and
say yeah no that's fine that they can do
that or if you think they're making a
lot of money from it and you deserve
a cup then you can make money from that
Post so that you're collecting money
not just from your own streams and sales
but also in other places where people
are using your music and the last
feature I want to talk about which is
brand new is the team's feature and this
is an incredibly powerful bargaining
chip I mean it really is incredible what
it lets you do is once the songs been
uploaded you can negotiate splits with
your team's so say you're a producer or
your beat maker or your mixer and you're
working in a collaboration you can split
the revenue from a certain song or album
you know do it per single depending on
who did the work so if you're working in
a duo you can just set that up and it
just takes all the worry about a manager
or someone having to split it for you
taking a percentage you just set up your
splits and what I found this useful for
is often as a mixing engineer or a beat
maker people are not always willing to
pay you your rate upfront if I just say
to someone that's going to be $400 to
mix that song they might say well could
you do it for 300 but maybe I can get
20% of the streaming revenue for the
lifetime of that song what you'll find
if you do that is that the people in
your collab are more likely to be
enthusiastic about the project because
they want the outcome to be incredible
if a mixing engineer knows that they're
going to get 10% of the streaming
revenue of a song they might just put
that little bit extra effort in and make
it really Sparkle make it really perfect
for you as I mentioned earlier if you
want to know the exact process of
uploading through district 8 check out
my other tutorial and if you want money
off this service please do use the link
in the description district accom /v IP
forward slash in the mix it will get you
money off your first year it's an
exclusive link just for you guys I will
get a small Commission for everybody
that uses that link but what's great
about this kind of sponsorship is that I
was already using district it for years
before they reached out and gave me that
affiliate link so it's just the best
situation for me because I get to
promote something that I actually use
every day in my music career and I know
that historically and to this day
there's still a lot of anger in the
community because artists are not
getting them the money that they're owed
for their art
but the worst thing you can do is simply
not put your are out into the world it
deserves to be seen it deserves to be
heard it's incredibly important that you
put your art out onto as many stores as
possible to maximize your fan base keep
your audience as broad as possible and
also make sure that you're collecting
revenue from all of those small streams
making money in 2019 is about lots of
little streams of income all pooling
together and I also just wanted to say
that although you know Spotify and
iTunes Apple music are likes or maybe
the big three I have friends that only
listen to music on Amazon music or only
Google Play or only on Deezer or tidal
and it's important for all of your fan
base to feel included so even if there's
only maybe a hundred streams on one of
them you know that you're reaching as
many people as possible and although
there's a lot of injustice about how
much artists are paid and that they
should be paid more and I truly believe
that the worst thing you can do is not
put your music out into the world it's
an incredible feeling to put your
instrumentals or your music out into the
world it's you know you're drawing a
line under your work and it gives you a
chance to reflect on it and move on and
keep growing as a musician.


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