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How To Make Make Money Online by Just WATCHING VIDEOS! (2020)

every single day guys I get one question
that comes along with my emails that is
very very common and that question is
how can you start to make some sort of
money online if you have no money no
investment you literally have no money
to start online well usually it takes
money to make money online but today I'm
going to show you how you can make
around about thirty dollars per hour
watching videos online yes and you could
do this with zero dollars all you need
is a little bit of time to do this so
let's jump into my office and I'll show
you exactly how you can make thirty
dollars per hour online right now
alright guys before we get started I
want to mention one thing the reason I'm
showing you this particular method so
you can get a little bit of money so you
can use that money to hopefully start
another business online this is perfect
to get a little bit of money to start a
dropship in business and affiliate
marketing business maybe you want to
start your own course and do Facebook
ads or you can keep the money if you
like however my recommendation is to do
this and then use the money for
something even bigger
alright guys because I get asked all the
time how can you make money off zero
dollars this is a great way to do it
guys it's free you don't need to spend
any money this is just going to take a
little bit of time for you to do this is
absolutely perfect if you're looking for
a quick and easy way to make a little
bit of money online but to get started
as well guys you must have a PayPal
account this is really important because
this is how all of your monies need sent
to you so go to PayPal calm sign up for
an account and then you're gonna get
paid the money into PayPal and you can
take that money out and do whatever you
like with it spend it by louis vuitton
or designer stuff if you like or buy
some new shoes or you can use it to
start and grow another business which is
what I recommend you do guys before we
get into the actual method make sure you
leave a comment below hit the subscribe
button hit that notification bell and
make sure you give this video a like
because I give away free stuff every
single week plus a giveaway entry into
one of my courses as some of you guys
know so make sure you do that to get an
entry now the reason I'm showing you
this method as well guys part from the
money side is I actually have a Trevor
fight theme called EECOM turbo calm
right and we have the theme has EPS
built in and stuff like that now we need
people to test it for us to watch videos
and find
and all sorts of stuff so what we do is
we actually use these websites to do
that we pay people 10 20 $30 $40 $50 to
watch videos with our product and test
our product okay so you know as you can
imagine a theme with apps in it we come
across a lot of bugs with the update all
the time so we consistently testing and
testing and testing so what you want to
do guys as I picked the best three sites
that you can do this with okay this one
is called and what you
can do is you can come here and you can
earn up to $60 per test all right guys
listen to my phone on silent we have
some money coming in but make plenty of
money online so you can make up to $60
per test guys and what you can do is
basically you can watch videos you can
test our apps and websites and companies
like my company EECOM turbo we will pay
you to test stuff for us okay so this is
how it works get $10 via PayPal for
every twenty minute video you complete
user testing pays you for visiting apps
and completing tasks of Washington
videos and stuff like that so ten
dollars every twenty minutes on average
is roughly about every ten to twenty
minutes so it's around about thirty
dollars per hour it's actually a little
bit more than that so you can make one
hundred two hundred dollars per day you
know so guys once again you do this
without spending any money it's just
time everyone's got a little bit of time
on their hands all right and go down
guys and this is used by a very very big
brands as well but this isn't the only
site you can use okay there are two more
that I've found I mainly use this one
but there's this one here guys called
user feel calm as well you go to become
a become a tester become a tester and
earn $10.00 per test each test lasts 10
to 20 minutes you do it from your home
computer or smartphone go so you can
even do it from a smartphone we would
prefer people to or from a laptop when
we do ours read the phone instructions
and I've got an example video and stuff
like that guys so you can go and watch
videos test apps test websites test
software stuff like that and get paid to
do it
now that's not the only website guys the
only two there is also
another one which I you know I like
there's heaps but these are the top
three in my opinion this is another one
called user and it's easy
register to earn money okay
interact with web and mobile apps and
stuff like that you can also probably
watch videos on here as well get paid by
a paypal and these guys will pay five
ten to fifteen dollars or even as much
as ninety dollars it all depends on the
person that wants the test done or the
you know the video that's watch so what
happens guys is what we actually does
without themas will send people will
have a video right and we'll have a
video of a process like someone going to
you know we'll we'll be like hey this
upload the Shopify theme to a store and
we'll do a purchase checkout right and
we'll record it and what we do is we
upload it to the website so we get
people to watch the video to see if they
can see me think that we missed okay so
that's kind of when the watch video
thing comes into play and yeah that's
well it guys so you go so guys it's
really really easy to do you go to one
of these three websites you sign up you
spend a little bit of time on this you
know let's say you do three tests today
okay it's thirty dollars per day now I
know that doesn't seem like a lot of
money but when you're stuck in a
nine-to-five job and you do this after
work or something can you get an extra
$30 it soon starts to accumulate right
thirty dollars times that by two for the
next day six dollars times that by
thought you've got a hundred twenty
extra dollars in a week right then you
times it again and again again and it
accumulates four hundred dollars a month
five hundred dollars a month and you can
use that money to start another business
online whether it be drop shipping
affiliate marketing or maybe you want to
use Facebook ads or Google Ads
and one of your online businesses that
you already have right so my website  is
all about making money but I understand
that a lot of people don't know where to
start they literally have $0 guys I get
so many emails about that so I'm pretty
sure most of my demographic have no
money or online knowledge so to get some
online money you can simply go and do
this on these three websites and make
some money guys and by the way I'm not
you know this doesn't get rich quick
scheme I'm not telling you that this is
gonna work for everybody I'm not telling
you this gonna make you rich this is
going to make you a few dollars so you
can start something
yourself or you might want to make some
money after work on the side with a bit
of extra food or something great who
knows I don't know the situation but
you're obviously here trying to learn
how to make money all right
and then once you so I don't know how
long usually it takes around about four
five days or something to get the money
two or three days or just depends on the
website but you know there's these three
websites will pay you into your PayPal
account once you're paid into your
PayPal account you can withdraw that
money to your bank account and comes in
your bank account within three or four
days then you can use that money or
whatever you'd like it's a very very
good system and actually the sale I just
got for fourth was on PayPal right that
little ding ding you heard so guys
that's the three sites
you can test apps test web sites watch
the videos you get up to six dollars per
test on this side okay I ran about ten
dollars every 20 minutes
this one is user field comm they will do
you ten dollars per test once again each
test lasts around about ten to twenty
minutes now they're probably not gonna
have a lot of tests you can do like the
you can't just keep doing it every hour
all right or I'm sorry every ten twenty
minutes and making some money you know
they might do three four tests a day
that you can do or one or two tests a
day preferably you want to be doing 30
bucks an hour but it really just depends
on what site but if you use all of these
sites guys and other sites you can
definitely do $30 an hour for quite a
long time maybe forever and then we have
this one here get paid to test apps
these guys will pay you 5 10 15 20 or
even up to $90 per test all right guys
it's really that simple when you scroll
down you're putting your email you sign
up all of that good stuff and it's a
free to sign up and then inside you'll
get all the information to do as well
and you can watch videos making money
watching videos those are the easiest
ones all right guys now as some of my
subscribers know we actually just did a
rerelease on my e-commerce Shopify
training now I don't like to do big
promotions on this but I do like to
mention it at the end of my videos just
in case this and people here that are
interested in jumping in and actually
we'll just show you inside so this is
equivalence 2.0
if you if you don't know what this is
this is a ecommerce training
showing people how to build ecommerce
stores if you have any money
liked this video you can go and make
some money but this method method and
then you can expand it to other business
models like this so we've got around
here guys there's all sorts of modules
you know just basically takes you
through how to start your own e-commerce
business online selling drop shipping
products okay I've got heaps of posts
on that on my website if you want to
check out that you have no idea what
that is
however for the 2.0 launch guys we are
doing a special deal we're doing a cyber
monday deal whenever this video is
recorded it might be a little bit late
but we are Delana cyber monday deal so
if you want to jump in there it is like
we do we have extended it for 24 hours
because a lot of people want it extended
so I did do that for everyone if you
want to jump into this guy so you come
in here all the information is on the
page you can start your own online drop
shipping business drop shipping is a
great business model by the way it
explains it all on here or you can go
watch my other videos explaining what
drop shipping is how it works and how it
can make you money 


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