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How To Make $90+ A Day With Twitter | Make Money Online in 2020

hey what's up this is Tyler Pratt
Twitter viewer thought about maybe
taking Twitter jumping on that traffic
taking your affiliate offers promoting
your affiliate offers and then
ultimately making money using that big
social media platform with Twitter well
in this post I'm gonna show you how to
do it how to set it up where to go to
get the links and just how to do the
whole thing right here on this post now
Before we jump into that though there's
going to be a link in the description
below hit that real quick because what
I'm gonna do is I'm gonna send you my
number one recommended opportunity right
here online also there's gonna be a
subscribe button and a bell if you hit
both of those then I'm gonna send you
all the Posts and you won't miss any of
them alright so this is gonna be my
twitter jacking system i've taught this
a bunch of times and people get kind of
confused with it so i wanted to just
kind of go over a little bit more with
you right here now we're not stealing
anything from twitter all we're doing is
just i'm just using that terminology to
use their traffic in order to promote
your affiliate offers now you're not
gonna really crush it with this this
isn't gonna be something you're gonna
absolutely just go crazy with it to
crush it online you gotta you got to buy
ads and you gotta really get it final
right people but this is super simple
for anyone to get up and get running and
you don't need you know income all you
need is your effort now with your effort
it's going to require you to put in the
effort for this so what I want to do is
I'm gonna before I jump into Google
Trends I wanted to show you really quick
how this works now anything you do
online anything you do with your
affiliate offers anything you do with
just trying to generally make money
online is this and this is the only way
you got to you got to really pay
attention to this because this is this
is how you succeed online you got this
giant audience right here okay so this
is an audience of people okay now it's a
very specific audience of people this
giant audience right here are people
that that spend money now there's lots
and lots of audiences out there on the
Internet okay so there's lots and lots
of audiences and they're all spending
money in these different audiences so
for example this could be right this
could be the dating niche
this could be the business opportunity
niche this could be the Forex marketing
niche or this could be the investment
niche okay so there's people in these
little audiences pockets of audience
that spend a ton of money and it's your
job really is just to find those pockets
audiences and drop your affiliate link
in front of them this big one I hear is
going to be the diet and wealth our diet
and health niche right here okay these
are people that are looking to lose
weight they're looking to better
themselves they're looking to feel
better the holidays are coming up they
want to look good they don't want to eat
a ton of food and plus January that's
coming up the when January hits
everybody thinks you know all of a
sudden we got to start working out
because you know December November
wasn't a good time to work out so now
all of a sudden January guys start
working out so you can get in front of
this audience and you can crush it
because people are looking for products
to help them lose weight now I like to
get into this this health and nutrition
market right here by offering them
products that may be supplements right
supplements are something that people
always buys they think they can just
take a pill and they can lose weight it
doesn't work like that but if you want
to sell sell somebody that with your
affiliate link by all means go for it so
then you have all this big audience
right here all you have to do is just
take this audience take you you got your
link right here okay so maybe this is a
sales page right here with your link and
all you're doing is just dropping people
into this sales page right here okay so
on this sales page is gonna be a Buy Now
button so when somebody comes here they
go through your link okay and they click
on this little Buy Now button here goes
over to an order form they buy the
product okay you get paid right here
you're happy everything's good so this
is the concept that you always want to
be aware of when you're trying to make
money online this is really it you just
got to figure out how to get find these
pockets and drop your affiliate link
into that so I'm gonna look at this
Twitter dragging process for you because
it's one of the more easiest and
simplest ways to get
the audience but first we want to look
at let's take a look at Google Trends
here and we'll look at let's just look a
diet I love look looking at this graph
because it tells you exactly when to
start promoting right so right here it
says look so you can see it's really low
right here between December 17th
December 23rd but then look at this it
jumps it goes skyrockets from 23rd
through the 31st because everybody's on
holidays they're all eating ton of food
and they're all getting frustrated
because they're eating all this food and
it is it's coming up to January 1st and
everybody thinks that ok magically
January 1st I'll start my new diet and
that's good for you as a marketer
because then you can jump on these
trends right here and it just continues
to really did throughout the whole year
pretty much but you can look right here
so we're in November here's gonna be
December 1st so it's gonna be about
right here so December 1st it's just
gonna kind of go along here and then
also boom it's gonna go skyrocket back
up to 100% that's good for you because
what you can do is you can start to get
ahead of this curve right here now I
want to show you some numbers really
quick just let me go back to my pad here
if you you have free traffic and then
you have paid traffic
ok so pay traffic obviously you pay for
the traffic but this is where you make
the most money with free traffic you
have to put in your time and to put in
your effort you have to really have to
hustle to make it work so with this
we're gonna talk about free traffic so
if you take your link and you get your
link out there let's say 30 times a day
ok you just post your link in different
places 30 times a day you're probably
gonna pick up two sales ok these are the
numbers if you only post your link like
one or two times you're just not gonna
have enough numbers to make it work for
you so you have 30 times you put your
link out there ok and then you're going
to get about 2 sales from this this is
just kind of the average that I've seen
when I get my link out to the internet
so two sales so if you're making $45 a
sale to two of those you're gonna pick
up about 90
per day okay so but you got to really
crank it out you got to get 30 30 of
your links every day so today you can
use 30 links out there tomorrow you get
30 30 more links out there and you just
keep this process going if you want to
you know really 10x this and you want to
go like get you know sixty links out
there per day well then you just double
your numbers here now you're looking at
four sales a day okay so the four sales
but these are the numbers that you
really got a zero in on again this is
free traffic this is this is taking up
your time to really get your links out
there paid traffic is where you would
just bypass all of this but today we're
going to talk about free traffic so
those are the numbers keep those numbers
in your mind as you're going through
this so if we go to diet the first thing
what I really want to do is you want to
jump on you want to find a good diet
offer ok diets is there's gonna be a lot
of them go to offer vault you go to
category here and you can come down here
to see your diet and weight loss and you
click on apply' so any of these you can
come in here you can see all of these
different affiliate affiliate networks
these are all the affiliate networks
these are the networks that actually pay
you so there's lots of them out there
Mac's bounty is really good
g4 offers are really good affiliate x/e
is really really good their revenue ads
is good
max bounding again okay there's gonna be
lots of good ones pure fly is really
good what I like to do with with diet
and weight loss offers I like to jump
over here to market health so market
health calm again if you get in here and
they don't accept you then don't worry
about it go back here to offer vault and
just try to pick up one of these other
networks so you know get into one of the
other networks and they're gonna have
similar offers as market health does so
inside of market health we're going to
look at the different offers here so
inside of market health you're going to
the reason why Martel is good is because
they have it's all it's all just diet
and weight loss there's nothing else in
this now they do have business
opportunities but it's really kind of
limited but let's take a look at this
offer right here so this is going to be
so this is garcinia altra pure CPA okay
so this is a pays out $45 purse cost per
action so somebody comes to the website
and they buy they get this bottle now
the reason why I like this is because
this is a pill right here and people
like to take the pill thinking they're
gonna lose a ton of weight and they buy
this this product pretty much all the
time now usually this bottle they're
gonna they're gonna say it's a free
bottle sometimes but a lot of times
they're gonna just when you click when
somebody goes as page like a customer
goes this page they're just going to put
in their name their information and then
they're gonna pay for shipping and
handling but the cool thing is is even
if they pay only like four or five
dollars per shipping and handling you're
gonna get your forty five dollars per
cost per action okay so this is the
offer though that you get now you got to
go find the pockets of people and where
to find those people so you can come
over here to Twitter
twitter is a really good place to do
that and so you can come in here and you
type in something like I need to diet
and you put it in parenthesis you got to
put it in parenthesis because then it it
narrows down the see right here it says
in in the bolder here says I need a diet
so what it does is it brings up all the
people that are posting on Twitter
saying I need a diet so all of these
people are saying I need a diet they're
struggling with it now the cool thing is
is you can actually come in here and you
can post a reply you can post a reply
right in here and what you do is you're
gonna post a reply with your affiliate
link so if we come back to your to the
garcinia ultra-pure you can take this
and you can generate a tiny URL right
here see that tiny URL right there I'm
gonna copy that so I'm going to copy
this to my clipboard and then I'll just
come over here - I need a diet
this is I mean this was just posted like
23 hours ago this woman here is 15 hours
ago November 24th I mean all these are
recent you can come in here you can just
bang out all of these are here I mean
there's tons of November all of these
happen within the last two days so you
can see that there's a huge demand for
diet there's people dinner to ask you
for I need to diet but Thanksgiving and
Christmas better wait until after New
Year's see this right here says I needed
I need to diet but Thanksgiving and
Christmas better wait until after New
Year's right everybody's thinking after
New Year's well why wait till New Year's
okay so what you can come in here and
you can say said you know why wait until
New Year's New Year's I have had great
success with this diet okay and then I'm
gonna post my link now I'm gonna hit the
reply and that's gonna go right to
Cynthia also if people come in here and
they see this post they're gonna see the
link in here okay
now what I recommend you doing this is
if you're gonna do this don't just don't
just say click here to go do a diet
because it just looks spammy you gotta
act like you're interacting with this
person act like you're you're responding
to them so you could say like says I
need to diet and get my together
you could say well why not you know you
could just be like you know let's get
your stuff together right now I had a
great success with this diet click on
this link check it out okay so you
wanted you want to kind of respond to
this to the person that's actually
saying the thing so let's see your I
need a diet okay so you can respond to
post I need to diet but just can't wait
so like if we come down here to this one
here where was where was this one at
this one right here so if we do this why
wait why wait until New Year's get
started now I have had great success
with this diet and then put our name in
their court right and then put the link
okay so you can respond directly to them
with the link and then you hit reply
boom that gets put in there now
sometimes people are gonna get they
might get upset they might you know
delete the link out that's fine just
just go on to the next one again you're
gonna have to really put the numbers in
for this because you got to put the
numbers out there to make this work if
you want to do this one day and you only
do a couple times you're just not gonna
see the numbers you're not gonna see the
success it just takes time you either
have time or you have money because the
only two ways you're going to make money
with a business time or money so with
this you know with this process that
we're doing right here this is time this
is how you take time and how you utilize
the time that you have in order to to
make make it work so again if you have
the money you go by you got go by paid
at but most people don't have the money
to go by paid ads but with it but most
people that don't have the money to pay
that have to buy paid ads they can
actually take the time and go and work
the system here okay so that's all you
got to do just follow this process get
out there respond to people again
respond to people normally don't just
act like you're interacting with them
use their name in the response if you
just go with this if you just say click
this link for this for a great diet
it just looks spammy doesn't look like
you you try to make an effort with it
make an effort if you make an effort
then people are going to respond to you
they might not like it but that's fine
you just you continue with your numbers
may process more numbers the more
numbers you do the more chances you're
going to have people click on the link
go there and buy the product and then
you ultimately will have the ability to
create sales for you
okay so that's it try this Twitter
jacking process for you for yourself
this is where you you have a big
audience and all you got to do is you
take that take your links get them out
there and let people you know see your
links again create value for people
don't just post your link all over the
place because you'll just you'll get
frustrated the people that you're
posting links will get frustrated and it
won't work out to your benefit okay
that's it go go - go take action on that
and you should see success.


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