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How To Earn Money From Facebook [2020]

do you want to learn how you can make
$10 per post in facebook even if you're
a complete beginner and have no social
media following at all then continue reading 
hey guys it's definitely online hustle
and today as I have just mentioned I'm
going to share with you one simple trick
that you could be using to start making
$10 10 up to 100 dollars actually per
post in facebook even if you have zero
followers on all social media platforms
if you even if you're a complete
beginner and have no previous skills
with making money online and the best
thing about it is that it's worldwide so
no matter where you're from USA UK
Canada Brazil India Spain Italy no
matter you will be able to make money
with this and I'm gonna show you all the
what website we are gonna be using how
we're gonna be using that website and
literally everything you need to start
making money from today right after
reading  this post  soon make sure to finish the reading  so
you don't mean it you don't miss any
important part and as always I will try
to speed up the process of explaining so
make sure to hit a like button I would
really appreciate that that really
inspires me to create more posts about
making money online and if you haven't
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online business so if you ever wondered
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you can be one of the first to use it
and be one step ahead of your
competitors without further ado let's
jump into my computer so I can explain
you everything ok guys we are now inside
of my computer and the first website I
need you to go to in order to start with
this is teespring calm we have talked
about this one in some my previous
Posts but for those who do not know
this spring is a website where you can
design t-shirts for completely free and
make some nice profits each time your
t-shirt sells and stay tuned because in
a couple of seconds I will show you how
you can make design once in a few
minutes and then sell it over and over
again each time you post on Facebook but
first let's pick a niche
and create design and related to that
news you can choose whatever you like
you can make football related t-shirts
you can make business t-shirts t-shirts
with quotes gaming related t-shirts or
literally whatever you prefer but for
this one for this post I'm gonna stick
with fitness niche that's a huge one and
a lot of money can be made with it so
the easiest way to design a highly
converting t-shirt is to have a quote on
it so once you choose your niche just go
to Google for example you choose fitness
niche then just type in fitness quotes
and just go through all the suggestions
in one short one but of course but of
course interesting or funny one for
example now let me just find some okay
let's say this one it's not that bad but
it's not it's not that short but it's
not that bad at all so I'm gonna use it
for my t-shirt and now once you find
it'll quote go back to teespring you
will probably have to sign up here in
order to get started so just sign up
it's completely free and it's really
easy to do just enter your email enter
your name enter the last name and create
password and you're ready to go now once
you log into your teespring account go
to go to this section right here where
it says start designing that will take
you over to this page right here and
basically you can choose what I want to
design you can design t-shirts hoodies
tops long-sleeve these socks phone cases
and much much more but today we are
going to be looking at the shirts so
click on this pink button below the
t-shirt pick the classic tee and it will
ask you whether you want to buy a
t-shirt or you just want to sell it
obviously we came here to sell those
t-shirts so we're gonna click himself by
the way before I show you this strategy
I want you to know that it will not make
you a lot of money you can make some
cash here and there but you will have to
put in some work every day but if you
would like to see how you can work up to
just two hours per week so not every day
so not two hours per day it's two hours
per week then make sure to check the
first link in the description below
because there I will be revealing you my
big secret on how I make up to a
thousand dollars a month working
literally less than five hours a month
and so I have enough free time to make
Posts go out with friends
have fun and all that good stuff and the
best thing about that strategy is that
it's not Shopify it's not Facebook ads
it's not affiliate marketing you don't
have to sell anything to anyone you
don't have to beg people to sign up for
something or any stuff of that nature
it's a little late never seen before
strategy that you're gonna be amazing so
make sure to check that after reading 
this post now back to teespring talking
back to teespring comm so once you've
clicked on sell it will show you this
page over here so we have it we have our
t-shirt ready to get design done so just
click on add text and type in your code
now you can change change the phone -
you have 20 of them to choose from just
find some that you like and some that
fits the best year into your design so
obviously if you require is about
football you're not gonna use this one
you're gonna use some other fonts so
just make make it make that quickly and
here on the left side you can set your
earnings the higher the price you set
the bigger the profit you will make but
I recommend you set max to $10 profit in
order to make sales easier and more
quickly obviously you can do more than
that but it's not gonna be it's gonna be
harder to sell so definitely I recommend
you start with with up to $10 profit
once you have that just hit continue now
name your design whatever you like you
can do something related to you to the
quote that doesn't really matter and
then just type in brief description
about your design what it represents
what it stands for and basic stuff of
that nature so just once you do that
just hit continue again now will ask you
whether you would like to sell more than
a t-shirt maybe maybe you want to sell
hoodies with your design maybe mugs
phone cases long-sleeve please etc but
for now we're gonna keep that we're not
interested in that now so go and hit
continue and now you have your t-shirts
done it's live and it's ready to sell so
just grab your link and let me show you
how to make sales quick and easy and
first I'm going to show you where you
need to promote him and if you stay
tuned you will learn how to promote
improperly so you can make sure
more frequently so first just go to
Facebook and search for your niche
groups what I mean by that is if you're
selling football related designs then
search for example football community or
if you're selling art related t-shirts
then search out for some art related
groups or in this case I'm gonna search
for fitness groups and the reason being
is because in those groups you can find
hundreds of thousands of people who are
highly passionate about that specific
subject in this case fitness and they
are willing and they're ready to pay to
have something on them that represents
what they love and what they're
passionate about for instance I even if
I even fell for that I'm passionate
about investing and I enjoy investing so
so I bought a few investor t-shirts that
I wore in my posts and let me show you
how to promote those designs to almost
guaranteed always make a sale most of
the people often make a huge mistake
here and just paste there all their
links all over the group but that pretty
much just seems like a scam when people
see just boots they don't even pay
attention to it because they know it's
an ad and they have a feeling like
you're just trying to take their money
but instead what you can do is provide
value first become a member
share value valuable posts related to
that niche so you can build trust with
other members of the group and then you
can maybe prove something like hey guys
what do you think about this t-shirt
should I buy it or not
and just paste your URL there that way
they will see it's not an ad people will
engage with your post they will leave
comments and likes and they will keep
your post at the top of the group so a
lot of members can see it and they will
go out there to check out your t-shirt
and they will most likely buy it since
they're already interest in that niche
and they're passionate about it so this
is something that I have personally done
in the past
it made me some nice profits I have
talked about this in some my previous
Post  I show the exact profits I made
in four days but anyways as you can see
this does require some time and effort
and it's not that passive you will have
to work always or otherwise you will
not be making sales but if you want to
know my secret to make money right here
online working less than four hours a
week and it's literally never seen
before method you cannot find in
anywhere online it's not making sales
you don't have to convince anyone to buy
anything from you you don't have to
build funnels you don't have to sell
anything to anyone you don't have to
make Posts or grow any huge social
media following you know you don't have
to grow a YouTube channel you don't have
to grow an Instagram page or whatever
it requires no investments at all just
hit the first link in the description
below to learn more and of course I
repeat it's not Shopify it has nothing
to do with Facebook Ads you don't need
any investments or whatsoever so
definitely check that there are 25 spots
left in there and then I'm closing it
because I don't want everyone to know
about that secret so make sure to check
it out before I close it or otherwise
you will miss out on a great opportunity
to make hundreds of dollars easily with
almost zero effort adding zero
experience and if you would like to see
how you can make nine dollars over and
over again then be sure to check out
this post right now


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