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How To Go From $0 to $100,000 in 2020

how to go from $0 to $100,000 in 2020
now generally on this website, we show
you all types of different ways to work
from home make money online from every
corner of the Internet we scour and
search for the absolute best strategies
to make a little bit of extra money some
side hustles passive income work from
home make money online but in this Article
we're gonna be talking about what it
takes to go from zero to a
hundred thousand dollars in a year
because statistically very few people
are actually capable of doing this but
there's a couple of very important
reasons why this is and if you could
understand why most people are not
capable of doing this then you could be
one of the few who actually is in a huge
problem that I see every single day is
something that I like to call the
threshold of mindset and what I mean by
the threshold mindset is having a upper
threshold of what you believe is
possible for you because you're
comparing yourself to your friends and
to your co-workers right because if
every one of your friends works at
McDonald's it probably feels okay to
work at McDonald's and I'm not saying
there's anything wrong with working at
McDonald's but if you want to make a
hundred thousand dollars a year you're
probably not gonna want to work at
McDonald's you're not going to be able
to do that especially not in a single
year but then there's also people who
compare themselves to other successful
entrepreneurs people who've gone from
zero to a hundred thousand or zero to a
million dollars in just a single year
and so if that is what you're shooting
for is that is the threshold that you're
comparing yourself to then you're
actually gonna work so much harder to
achieve that then if you're just
comparing yourself to your co-workers so
if you want more you have to compare
yourself to people who've gotten more
you can't allow yourself to have a
threshold in your life
where you're shooting for something
that's way less than what you actually
want if you want to make a hundred
thousand dollars in a year you can't
compare yourself to your co-workers at
McDonald's you just can't you're not
gonna actually work smart enough to ever
achieve that and people struggle all the
time with what's called limiting beliefs
and having limited beliefs and not
believing that it's possible for you has
an unfortunate side effect I watched the
speech that Will Smith gave recently
where he said he who believes he can and
he who believes he can't are both
usually right so in order to actually
achieve your dreams you first have to
believe that it's possible for you to
achieve your dreams and an unfortunate
part about human nature
people around you subconsciously or
consciously actually try to hold you
back because they feel threatened like
they don't want you to actually go out
and make it as an entrepreneur achieve
your dreams well they're stuck at their
nine-to-five job and their cubicle or
working at McDonald's and so they'll
actually tell you you know Kevin don't
go try to be an entrepreneur right don't
you know 80% of businesses fail don't
you know that you know you're gonna
leave your job you should be grateful
that you have this job and they'll
subconsciously or consciously try to
actually hold you back from taking the
action necessary to go out and achieve
your dream when I was thinking about
leaving my job a couple of years ago
every single person and told me that I
was crazy my mom told me I was crazy
my co-workers my friend my family
everyone and they weren't doing it out
of spite they weren't doing it trying to
hurt me or anything it's just natural
human nature humans by nature cling to
their comfort zones what they're
comfortable with what they're used to
but to be able to go from zero to a
hundred thousand dollars in a single
year and to make it out of those
statistics you have to believe that it's
possible for you and you also have to
understand that most people in your life
even the people closest to you will
subconsciously try to hold you back and
the funny thing about confidence is the
only way to truly have confidence that
you know you can do something is by
doing but the problem with that is once
you've already done that thing the
confidence isn't that important and let
me give you an example so this really
makes sense I know for a fact without a
shadow of a doubt that I could go from
zero to a hundred thousand dollars in a
single year because I've done it but the
problem is it's not important for me to
have that confidence what really
differentiates people who find success
and make it out of the statistics is
people who can manifest and truly
believe in themselves and have the
confidence that they can do anything
before they've actually done it because
that is how you do it and that's kind of
the problem with the fake it till you
make it mentality because I'm never
gonna recommend that people go out and
fake something or lie or do anything
like that but you almost have to have
that confidence before you've done it
and the only way to do that is by having
confidence that you can do it and so the
fake it till you make it mentality is
just an easy way to kind of describe the
confidence and self-belief you have to
portray even before you might actually
genuinely have that confidence because
without it you're most likely going to
fail and so my advice would be to enter
the fake it till you make it mentality
to just have that confidence right even
if you have to fake that confidence at
first because that confidence oftentimes
it's going to be the difference that
actually sets you apart from other
people who you know think oh well why
would I even try there's no way I'm
gonna be successful or why would that
person want to listen to me right like
I'm not that interesting you have to
have confidence whether it's with men or
women or whatever you're interested in
whether it's with business the energy
that you put out is the energy that you
attract right the law of attraction and
you have to have that confidence and
self belief in yourself to have other
people believe in you too and it's
really counterintuitive when you're
first starting out on your
entrepreneurial journey when you're
first starting out in business right
it's very natural as a human being to
think about people and think okay how
can that person help me how can they
help me but the problem is successful
people actually think about it exactly
the opposite they think how can I help
them right how can I add value to that
person because if you're just focused on
making money and all you care about is
making money I can promise you you're
gonna make a lot less money than
somebody who prioritizes adding value
because without a doubt the absolute
best way to make a lot of money is to
instead focus on adding value
relentlessly as much as you possibly can
but you have to do it in a certain way
because there's two ways to do it
there's the dumb way and there's the
smart way the dumb way is to add value
with a low value skillset and we can use
the same example that we use before
working at McDonald's and again I'm not
at all trying to hate on working at
McDonald's it's just a very easy example
to kind of show the things that I'm
trying to talk about right people who
work in McDonald's save their money
reinvest it in other things and find
success more power to you but working at
McDonald's at the base level is an
incredibly low value skill and what I
mean by that is it's very replaceable
anyone can be taught to work in
McDonald's very quickly right and if
somebody leaves they can just bring in a
new person to do those same things
everything is very systematized and even
McDonald's themselves is working to
replace those low-skilled workers with
machines and tablets and kiosks where
you can order without even a person even
being involved but the smart way to do
it is to learn what's called a
high-value skill right this is a skill
that is not easily
this is a skill that's valuable to other
people preferably a skill that's
valuable to other people or businesses
they can actually afford to pay you for
that skillset that you develop because a
high value skill is something that the
average person either isn't willing to
do or can't do now there's extreme
examples like the CEO of a
publicly-traded company right who knows
everything about it they know all about
the finances they have 30 years
experience right they've you know been
the CEO of other large companies they've
grown companies from you know 0 to 100
million dollars that is an extremely
high value skill another example would
be like LeBron James right no matter how
hard I try I will never be 6 foot 8 with
a 40 inch vertical made of pure muscle
right I just won't but some people are
born with genetic skill sets and talents
that you literally can't learn but the
cool thing about high-value skills is
outside of you know professional
athletes and things like that you can
almost always actually learn if you're
committed to learning a high-value skill
and then you can get compensated
appropriately for it in the form of
consulting in the form of creating an
agency and actually offering
done-for-you services or even in the
form of creating a digital product or a
digital course where you can teach and
leverage the power of what a digital
course is right teaching and being the
mentor to hundreds or thousands or tens
of thousands of people by those people
actually logging into a membership
Read the same post and feeling
like they're learning one-on-one from
you even though it's actually a passive
income stream for you at that point now
high-value skills generally have one
thing in common they either make other
people a lot of money with the skill set
you have or they bring those people a
lot of happiness or value and there's a
lot we could talk about here but
generally there's three things that
every single person everywhere needs
they're interested in health wealth and
relationships right so if you learn a
high-value skill that has something to
do with relationships with health or
with wealth you're always going to have
a market for that skill set that you
actually develop and if you're thinking
to yourself a Kevin I don't have any
high-value skills like how am I supposed
to make money and even if I did how
would I make money well first of all
what I would say is remember that that's
not true right that is
self-doubt tricking you into thinking
that you don't have any skills tricking
you into thinking that you're not worth
it right that you don't have the
capability of actually going out and
learning something like anyone else
right remember guys no one starts out an
expert that's not possible right Tony
Robbins who I recently saw said I wasn't
born Tony Robbins I wasn't born the way
I am now I made Tony Robbins right and
if you're willing to consistently learn
and become a lifelong learner and
develop and tune your craft and learn
more and more and reach out you know to
the best other people and collaborate
that is how you can actually grow your
skill set and truly grow into the expert
but remember that no one starts an
expert the only people who are experts
are people who consistently cared more
and had curiosity and wanted to learn
and we're actually interested in
mastering their craft and I can
guarantee you that most actual experts
out there wouldn't call themselves
experts because people who are smart
enough to become experts know that it's
not actually possible for anyone to
truly master anything right it's a
continuous learning process and so even
if you don't think you're good at
anything and trust me when I tell you
that you are but if nothing at all comes
to mind then anyone can master a digital
marketing right digital marketing is
something that every single business in
the world needs it doesn't matter if
you're a doctor if you're a dentist if
you're a lawyer every single one of
those companies needs new and profitable
customers and leads coming in to the
door that they can actually provide
their services for I have friends and
students who specialized in digital
marketing for just one type of business
and they've gone on to make six figures
or some of them even seven figures right
you can become the go-to person for
digital marketing for accountants or for
lawyers or for plumbers right because
every one of those businesses by default
has money because they're a business
right and by default needs new and
profitable customers right so they're
willing to pay somebody who's an expert
at digital marketing for that one thing
right and if you focus all of your
attention in a niche that you know has
money like real estate you can start to
make a significant amount of money just
through consulting or creating an agency
right an agency being that you actually
just have packages where you do the
digital marketing on behalf of those
companies but the problem that most
people have is not actually
understanding what to do right people
ask me every single
Kevin what would you do if you had to
start over and you had no money no
connections nothing and I would be
literally I would be doing exactly what
I'm teaching you right now I would get
really good at digital marketing for one
type of business that I knew had enough
money to afford my services and then I
would do that right I would find those
businesses I would teach them how much
of an impact my skills could have on
their business and then I would ask
those businesses for referrals of other
real estate agents or whatever business
you choose and you can actually start to
create a massive company very quickly
with skills that you can learn
completely for free from YouTube or from
you know blog posts or Google but the
problem that most people have is not
knowing the path right it's actually
taking the path
most people have shiny object syndrome
and they see one thing and they see
another thing and they jump from one
thing to the next before they actually
ever give themselves enough time to
truly master one thing and you have to
remember that success is not a linear
thing right you don't just put in one
hour of work and get one unit of success
right most of the time it feels like
you're making no progress at all you're
taking all of these you know very
consistent actions day to day to day and
then all of a sudden right if you're
consistent long enough and you're
working smart and hard towards the
correct thing all of a sudden you'll
have this explosive exponential return
on all of the investment that you've
been making of your time and energy
because remember you don't have to be
great to start but you do have to start
to be great
so my advice would be launch and
perfectly right just get started
dive in headfirst learn as much as you
can about digital marketing identify a
specific niche and then start mastering
it right do it for free for companies
and learn how to do it while you're at
your 9 to 5 job and then eventually
you'll start to have the skill set that
really is a high value skill that you
can charge significant amounts of money


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