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Earn $50.00 PayPal Money FAST! (Make Money Online)

earn up to $50 in paper money in this
Post  we'll take a look at how you can
earn up to $50 directly into your PayPal
account now take a look at this
$50 directly into your PayPal account
that sounds interesting right well this
is easy to do and I'll show you all the
details in this post let's get started
hi there my name is URI from the make
money online website and I'm really
excited to show this method to you now
let's get right into it okay so this
method is actually available in lots of
countries I'm not sure if it's worldwide
but I do for a fact note that this is
actually available in lots and lots of
countries now this is also super easy to
do and by that I really mean that it's
easy to do literally anyone can do this
and this is also beginner friendly now
you don't need any skills or experience
and you don't need to invest any money
into this method and that's the reason
why this is actually beginner friendly
and why almost anyone can do this now in
this post  I will show you everything
you need to know about this I will show
you what platform you need to use I will
show you how to earn and then finally I
will also show you how you can cash out
your money directly into your PayPal
account now if you're interested in all
of that then make sure you keep reading 
this Post  until the end because I'll
show you everything you need but before
we get into that make sure you subscribe
to the channel right now if you haven't
already make sure you also click on the
back like and then I will send you a
message every single time I come out
with a new post and also I want you to
come and download where you're from so
that I can get an understanding of where
you guys are from so make sure you do
that right now
thank you and with all of that being
said let's just get started with the
Post then we're gonna find out how you
can earn up to 50 dollars in PayPal
money yes okay so it's great to see it
if you're still here now let's just get
started with team effort right now so
I'm on Google right now and I'm I've
lined up free platforms for you that you
can use to make money online now all of
these are legit and I want you to pay
close attention to all of these and
follow all the steps and information
that I give you so that you can get a
full understanding of how this works and
how you can actually earn money now
let's just dive into it right now
okay so the first platform the first out
of three is called test Isle and I will
leave a link to these websites in the
comment section or in the description
down below now on air you can actually
earn paper money and we're gonna find
out how you can do that right now okay
so first of all when you're joined like
when you go to their website this will
be their landing page so this is their
homepage now on here you actually want
to scroll down to the bottom because
like if you take a look at this this has
nothing to do with making money or you
getting the opportunity to make money
right this is just information about the
platform and this is more for the
advertisers so you want to scroll all
the way down and as you can see right
there become a tester so once again
scroll all the way down and then you
want to click right there on become a
tester let me do that right now and then
right there you can see that you can
join our testing community become a
tester and test the latest apps websites
games and get paid for every issue you
find so if I scroll down you can see
some companies they're working with
revolve SoundCloud I'm not sure this
company is Lacoste
admins so it actually working with
pretty big companies and if I scroll
down we're gonna find out how this works
so you can earn good money as you can
see there you can work from home and you
can test the latest apps earn up to $50
for every issue you find can find any
bugs no problem you can you can also be
paid for raiding apps so if you're gonna
test an app and you find an issue you're
gonna get paid $50 just for finding that
one issue now of course not every single
app will have an issue so if there's no
bug then you can still get paid for
raiding these apps but you can earn up
to $50 for every issue you find now you
can work from home so you can easily
work from home or from your favorite
place work the hours that make sense for
you so you can work from home you can
literally work anywhere if you have an
internet connection so you can work at
the pool or wherever like I just said
all you need is an internet connection
and you can also make your own schedule
so you don't need to wake up at 7:00
then start working from 9:00 to 5:00 or
whatever you can wake up at 11:00 and
then this won't work it literally
doesn't matter you can work whenever you
want and wherever you want and then
finally once you got this set up then
you need to test the latest apps and you
can be the first to see the latest apps
from top companies and cool startups
which is pretty yeah I would say it's
pretty funny as well it's not gonna make
you more money or whatever but it's
pretty like cool to already get access
to these new apps right now if I scroll
down I'm gonna show you how you can get
started right now so I'm gonna show you
the process from registration to testing
in five minutes okay first of all you
would need to register at this URL right
there so test IO plate WP engine come
and easily add all the devices you can
test on so they're gonna ask you for
devices so if you have an Android phone
an iOS device or whatever that's pretty
much what you need to tell them and then
they're gonna give you more jobs right
now next up you can actually start your
first test as soon as you register you
will receive an invitation to your first
test so make sure like this is actually
very important dislike the first test
you're gonna you're gonna take actually
need to be good because if you're just
gonna give like that information or bad
feedback they're probably not gonna get
back to you and you won't be getting any
tests soon so make sure you actually
fill in like complete this test
correctly so make sure you give detailed
information and don't just tell them
like basic stuff such as I like how it
looks I like the color or whatever but
just explain to them what works and what
doesn't work what you find annoying and
all of that today so that they can
actually get good feedback from you and
you'll become a good tester on one of
these platforms now also guys if you
don't like this one make sure you keep reading because I actually have a few
other ones lined up as well so make sure
you keep reading if you don't like this
one and after that you can actually
receive your first payout you get paid
from your first test run when you find
bugs and then after that you can get
more invitations receive more
invitations based on devices you have
your interest and your
skills earn while you learn and then
after all of that you can actually
become a testing King climb the ladder
to test the hottest apps or participate
in exclusive test runs with more
opportunities so if you're just starting
out like the first test or defer a few
tests are probably not gonna pay a lot
of money but any cuz you're there you
have to climb the leather and then you
can actually start testing the hottest
apps and bar to participate in exclusive
test runs and these are gonna pay you a
lot of money now if I scroll down you
can meet a few of your fellows so it's
up to you whether you wanna like check
this out or not once again I will leave
a link in the description but I'm not
gonna go over this in this Post if I
scroll down we're gonna check out some
frequently asked questions how much can
I earn most tests pay by the buck you
earn more money for more critical bucks
up to $50.00 for the most important
bucks you can also earn guaranteed money
by reviewing apps or completing scripted
test cases so you're not just gonna make
money when you find a bug you can also
make money by reviewing apps or
completing scripted test cases which is
pretty decent when and how do I get paid
we pay once per month using PayPal so
because you're there you can actually
cash out paper money you can cash out on
Payoneer Skrill or bank transfer but I
title this Post  about PayPal money so
you can actually cash out on PayPal and
you will get paid every single month
what devices do I need to test you will
need access at least to a desktop
computer beyond that the more devices
you have the more opportunities you will
have to test so if you have a phone and
a computer you will get a ton of tests
more testers have one or more mobile
phones and so much smart home devices
and wearables now you don't actually
need that but if you have a desktop
computer and the phone you would be set
that would be perfect now next up what
happens if I can't accept an invitation
we want to work with your schedule so
there's no penalty for not accepting an
invitation it's helpful to let us know
if you can test so we can offer your
place to someone else right away
now please test if you say you're going
to it's good karma and better for your
fellow testers so make sure thank you
can you test the app if you've said that
you're gonna test it that's kind of
important which makes sense right now if
I scroll down that's kind of it about
this one platform once again I will
leave a link in the description down
below you can sign up right there and
you can start testing apps for these
companies now I actually found one more
platform which is kind of similar I
actually found two more platforms that
are similar let's get into this one
first so this is also an app or you can
literally test apps and other platforms
and you will get paid for this so this
is actually for advertisers so if you
want to become a tester you need to
click right there on become a test user
and then right there you can actually
sign up click right there I want to
become a tester now if I scroll down
they're gonna show you that and you can
earn money testing digital products and
you can also once again get paid up to
50 euros actually which is more in
dollars per study so you can actually
make more money on this platform now if
I scroll down I will show you how it
works you can sign up with testing time
tell us a bit about who you are so that
we can find test projects that you would
like it takes less than three minutes
naturally your profile will be used for
matching purposes only then next up you
can accept this job and then you would
have to test it and then you can get
paid so that's pretty much the same
concept as the other platform where is
it right there so I'm not gonna explain
this step-by-step this is exactly the
same as the other platform and here you
can actually earn up to 50 euros per
hour which is actually a lot of money
now I found one more platform which a
lot of you have already used I got some
subscribers make money on this website
and this website is called user testing
so once again it's the same concept we
need to click on get paid to test and
then they're pretty much gonna show you
the exact same steps so you can earn up
to sixty dollars per test this is a
website or an app complete a set of
tasks speaking your thoughts out loud
and then you can actually get paid you
can sign up right there and once again I
will leave a link to all of these
platforms and websites in the
description down below so if you want to
check it out make sure you go check out
the description now that's pretty much
it for this Post if you enjoyed make
sure you subscribe to the channel right
click on the bell icon and then I will
send you a message with another way to
make money online every single day 

Earn $800 Per WhatsApp Message YOU Send! (Make Money Online)

hey guys what's up it's apostle from sea
success now and in this post today I'm
going to teach you guys how to earn $800
per whatsapp message that you sin and
this is an easy way to make some money
online guys super super easy
so stay tuned alright guys hey what's up
its apostle from sea success now and you
heard here today I'm gonna teach you
guys how to earn $800 per what's that
message that you sin and this is a
simple way to make some money online now
guys I do want to tell you that I'm
gonna be showing you today two websites
that you can make a lot of money just by
sending out messages and people sending
out messages to you and you can earn so
much money by doing this guy's I'm gonna
show you exactly how to do it
how much money that you can earn and how
simple it really is to make some money
online guys and get started today yes
today and you can make a lot of money by
doing this it's completely insane now
guys before we get sinew on I do want to
show you guys my youtube channel but
before we continue on if you're ready
and pumped up to make some money in 2020
everyone type 2020 if this is your year
to make some money online guys we gotta
you know we gotta stay focused
everyone type 2020 if you're getting
pumped up and excited to make some money
online guys because I believe in you
guys and all you have to do is just
really try out some of these methods now
as you can see right here this is my
youtube channel called see success now
and if you're new to my channel if
you've just been reading my posts and
if you haven't subscribed yet make sure
that you hit the subscribe button and
also like this post  real quick and make
sure you share this post with your
friends family coworkers or well other
people you know anyone basically and uh
that wants to earn some extra income
guys because we all know what's going on
in today's world so if you have anyone
that wants to earn or know anyone that
wants to earn some extra income you know
sharing this post or sharing some of my
other posts definitely definitely will
help them out now guys also you can
contact me on Instagram if you have any
questions for me if you want to talk to
me and different things like that make
sure you follow me on there and anyway
without further ado let's get started in
the post today are you guys so the
first officer we're gonna be talking
about it's called I believe Phil blur I
believe basically guys this website is
called FID Fidler or whatever and
basically what this website is is where
you can literally contact people like
people can contact you and you can earn
a lot of
money just by having people contact you
and it can even be your family members
and you can earn a decent amount of
money and I mean a pretty good amount of
money just by doing this and this
platform the best part about this
platform it's completely free and I'm
gonna explain more in detail what this
platform is so as you can see right here
the simplest way to offer expert
videocast and you know basically
consulting right there basically and as
you can see right here it's completely
free and at the App Store or Google Play
Store and people are using this platform
basically for their business - so
they're using this puff from a basically
for their business if you don't know
what you know kans consulting is
basically is when you're an expert
freelancer in a simple way but basically
you're an expert at a certain skill and
people contact you and they want to hear
your expert advice and they're gonna
like pay you money or something but
that's basically what a lot of people
use this for their business but you
don't have to do that right so how does
it work okay so as you can see right
here I'm like 36 for videocast two
dollars and fifty cents a per minute for
video call and then one dollar and
thirty cents for of voice call and then
for chat so the messages is five dollars
guys this is completely insane right
here this is a completely insane if you
think this is the same type insane right
now guys every one type insane how much
money that you can earn just by someone
sending you a message just a web set
what's app message just by sending you
that you can earn so much money it's
completely insane right
and how to do this okay so when you
register this platform like I said it's
completely free to register all you have
to do you get a link that you can share
with your friends family on your social
media platform clients and basically
guys like I said you people use this for
their business too
but you can share this link right and
then when someone contacts you or
message you or calls you you can get
made a lot of money and as you can see
right here these are the processes that
you can earn guys and the best part
about this platform is that you can even
raise these prices up to that's the cool
thing my so get paid when people contact
you or watch your video cast like I said
it's that simple and easy so these are
3 3 step process right there so there's
different app features that you can use
right so as you can see right here it's
completely flexibility right so it's
completely flexible
um you can do this any time of the day
it's completely easy to do decide how
much you should earn when people watch
your video cast or contact you by chat
or voice or video guys so you can decide
that's the crazy thing about this but
from that late like you can literally
decide how much you want to earn how
much you should earn when people you
know contact you or talk to you and
different things like that so that's
really cool to like alright so the
second step is efficiency right here and
then you instantly get paid guys just by
having you know different of viewers and
people watching your live cast and
different things like that and then some
simplicity right here so third step so
share your Universal um your Universal
the the website name right here fly blur
I don't know how to pronounce this
website name fib alert but the link for
it and then you can earn a lot of money
by doing that guys so it's very simple
and easy stuff right here key features
so get your universal direct link so
guys like I said this is completely
world wide so you can get your link and
just by doing this you can earn a lot of
money so you can set your own fees on it
or whatever so like I said you can do
this as like a business side but you
don't have to do all these extra steps
right here you don't have to do that so
like I said a lot of people use this for
their business cuz when people contact
them in different things and then this
is how it looks basically get paid per
minute so it shows how much you're
earning just by the minute so that's
completely insane guys that's that's
insane let's be honest and then you can
show do all this extra stuff and
basically that's it right so it has
everything is everything is well
organized right so you can show your
profile the different um you know the
different video calls how much you can
earn so look at this video call for $7
alright so this is a lot of money right
here and like I said you can raise it up
so that's cool so our community
different doctors lawyers coaches tutors
you know a lot of people are using this
platform guys benefits you know there's
a lot of different benefits you can
contact them so they even have a contact
page so I do want to show you guys how
this looks at the google play store so
this is how it looks at the google play
store seek people's advice right so this
is how it looks very simple stuff too
very easy to do and you can earn a lot
of money by doing this right and it's
very simple and easy to understand okay
a lot of people use this for their
business like I said but you don't have
to do that it's very simple and easy and
I do want to show you how this looks so
yeah it's very simple and easy to do
guys you get the whole point let's
scroll a little over here oh yeah cash
out right here cash out to your bank
account so it's very simple stuff right
here and it's very easy to understand
and this is how it looks at the app
store so you get the whole point right
now I do want to tell you I have another
website that I want to show you today
that you can earn a lot of money by the
similar website that I just showed you
but I do want to show you how to get
traffic and a lot of traffic to and by
doing this guys and by people getting
getting traffic in cinemas sending you
messages and different things like that
I'm gonna show you exactly what to do so
this is what you want to do right now
you can use your social media platforms
so Instagram YouTube you know Facebook
you can use your family members like use
those platforms and have them like
contact you and different things like
that and um you can earn a lot of money
by doing that so using social media
platforms that that's what that s cents
for now I do have another platform that
you can use alright so another platform
is Korra now this is a question
answering platform and I'm gonna show
you some some examples but I do want to
tell you this one thing now if you
wanted to kind of set this up like a
business this is how you should go by it
alright so basically maybe you should
have like a youtube channel let's say
you have a you teach on write and you
have a video on for this example how to
sing are just for this example so you
teach people in that youtube video how
to sing and then let's say that you take
that video and then you go to kora and
basically say well you searched with the
question how to sing so people are
searching up questions all the time on
kora right and they're looking for
answers and you look up you know how to
sing or something like that and then you
give a good response and then you show
your link to your YouTube video and then
that's how you can get people
so basically look at your YouTube video
and then look at your description and
then different things like that you get
the whole point etc etc etc that's what
you want to do you want to be smart
about this now that's how you can create
like a little simple business it doesn't
even have to be like a brand or business
or you can just create random YouTube
video right and just do that and then
take the link and go on Quora or
something go on different social media
platforms Facebook groups or something
like that right get traffic to the link
and then yeah so as you can see right
here core is a great way to do this it's
a it's a great way now let's continue on
so like I said I I literally looked up
some random questions on how to sing
just for this example it's just
completely random and then I clicked one
of these and then what I did was is it
possible for anyone to know how to sing
well and then this person right here
this is an example right here singing is
definitely you know amongst the greats
or whatever the things most people can
learn so basically this guy's just you
know talking bunch of random stuff and
he left a good response now he could
have had a link to a YouTube channel or
something you see he has the link right
here but you could have like a link to a
youtube channel or something like that
and when people click on it they will
look and they'll be like oh this guy
knows what he's talking about because he
left a long paragraph like this or an
essay but basically you don't have to
write out something as long as this but
basically you get the whole point
you leave your link to a YouTube video
and then um they click on it and then
they get sent there now I don't
recommend that you leave a link though
to UM that website just because they
don't really like it depends they do
like website links but if they're if
it's like affiliate links I'm pretty
sure you can get banned from core or
something like that so just leave like a
youtube video link or something be smart
about it you know it's very you know
easy it makes it a lot easier or you
could just or you can actually try
leaving this link though because you can
teach people over the video call or give
them an advice on how to sing or
something like that you know you could
you can get creative with it but you get
the whole point this is how you get
traffic social media platforms Cora um
we also have you know I got two F's
right here and they stand for Facebook
groups and forums right so Facebook good
Facebook groups and forums definitely
can make you a lot of money guys if you
know what you're doing
so I definitely recommend Facebook
groups and forums simple way to get
traffic simple way to get people to
contact you and send a message right so
very easy way right there now the other
way basically you can also use a website
- if you wanted to take it a step
further like I said if you wanted to
create a business around this you can do
exactly what other people are doing if
you wanted to take a step further now I
do wanna show you the last website right
so the last website is called ego dial
okay this is a website I can you know
pronounce finally now ego dial so this
website is very easy and simple to
understand so this one is a little
different you can charge people for
video and audio calls and secure and
easy it's super easy and fast right and
they could get paid per minute so it's
very simple and easy to understand kind
of similar um you can earn a lot of
money by doing this website and using it
how does it work so create your dialing
very simple stuff right here charge
people will share it on different social
media platforms answer calls and
different things like that and yeah it's
very simple and easy to understand right
alright but basically guys this is the
end of the video you basically get the
whole point guys it's very simple and
easy to understand
there's no startup cost
and as you can see right here there's a
you know there's just one fee right so
you can keep 80% of your earnings but
make sure you guys check out the other
website check out this one it doesn't

Saturday, May 16, 2020

How to Make $100 a Day Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing

in this post  I'm gonna share how I've
been able to make over $100 per day with
Amazon Associates affiliate marketing
I've actually been able to make over
$3,000 in a single month back in
December of 2016 so quite a few years
ago so I'm going to share some few
helpful tips that can help you guys out
with Amazon Field marketing today so
continue reading 
hey what's up ODI productions here back
with another affiliate marketing Post 
if you're brand new to the website my
name is Odie and I am obsessed with
passive income through the business
model known as affiliate marketing
I love entrepreneurship and I also love
cars so if you're interested in any of
that make sure to check out my other
Posts and subscribe for more content
because I'm making new posts every
single week now the topic of today's
Post this is a fun one we're talking
about Amazon Associates and have been
able to make over a hundred dollars per
day that's over three thousand dollars a
month and you know that's a full-time
income for a lot of people and this is
through passive income through affiliate
marketing now if you're brand new to
affiliate marketing it's basically just
referrals and selling other companies
products and services so the affiliate
program we're talking about today is
called Amazon Associates so if we hop
into my computer right here you can
actually see I'm logged into Amazon
Associates and we're looking at
basically MacBook Pros now you can look
up any product on Amazon okay and it's
gonna show up and you can get links to
these products and make a commission if
someone clicks your link and buys it
within 24 hours now here's the thing you
actually earn commission on everything
someone buys within 24 hours and amazon
is so good in selling customers that you
don't really have to do much selling you
just have to get people on the website
which works in your favor
and so basically Amazon Associates right
here these are the rates for the
different product categories now if you
were to sell MacBook Pro this is a PC
okay and you get 2.5% of the products
cost so if this is $2,500 right this
nice shiny Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch you
would actually earn 2.5 percent of that
which is roughly equal $62.50
alright so every time you sell one of
these you make $62.50 which is pretty
good right so you would not have to sell
that many per day to get $100 per day
you'd have to sell you know about one
and a half right now I understand it's
not the easiest thing to sell a $2,500
laptop but hopefully with the tips I
give you guys today it will help you
guys on your journey to make you more
money with the Amazon Associates now
just to bring you guys back I want to
show you guys my journey over two years
when I started
with Amazon Associates and you guys can
actually see right here I was able to
surpass the $3,000 per month mark in
December of 2016 and I have the earnings
right here to back it up this is the
direct deposit if you log in to Amazon
and you look at your payment schedule
you actually see these payments and how
much you get paid and is set into your
bank account yes and see three thousand
dollars in a single month back in
December of 2016 quite a bit ago right
now one thing I want to show you guys is
I did not start out making $100 a day in
fact I started out making just thirty
two dollars in a single month this is
the first time I ever earned from Amazon
Associates it was the first affiliate
program I ever joined and back in
November of 2014 you can see thirty two
dollars and six cents and this just
shows you guys basically the journey and
how long it took to go from you know
making peanuts making 30 bucks a month
to making over three thousand dollars in
a single month it took over two years
now really the secret to getting
explosive results and I'm gonna show you
guys basically a key timeframe here so
if you look at the first year of doing
I never made over 400 dollars in a
single month now if you're looking at
the second year right you see a huge
difference you see that this curve the
growth curve just shoots straight up
okay and you're seeing this right here
we go from a thousand to three thousand
in basically less than a year right so
what's the difference what did I do that
basically took my results from being you
know let's say pretty much subpar and
not enough to live off of to a full time
income now the secret is a system okay
you need a system that gets traffic and
sales and basically traffic is the
people who visit your link they click
your link and they visit Amazon and then
sales are people who actually end up
buying or becoming a paid customer now
again it works in your favor that you're
using Amazon because people spend
millions of dollars on the Amazon every
single day so you don't really have to
worry about that customer experience
because Amazon handles they and they
give the best customer experience
possible now your job is to get them
onto the platform and also get them
interested in products that tend to be
higher ticket because the truth is 62
dollars is
nice Commission right if you're to sell
one of these Apple Mac books now if the
product that you sell is actually only
$25 and let's say you're only making at
the most 10% you would only make like 2
and the problem is you know to make $100
a day you'd have to sell 50 of those
items every single day rather than just
selling two or one and a half actually
Apple MacBooks
to make $100 per day so basically you
know when it comes to choosing a product
in the niche you want to go more towards
high-ticket and actually one of the
reasons why I transitioned from using
Amazon Associates to promoting other
companies and products and services is
because there are industries and there
are niches that are way more profitable
and lucrative than when I started out
because the truth is Amazon is a pretty
low ticket affiliate program in the
sense that you know you're only making
between 1 to 10 percent if you guys look
at the rates right here at most you're
making 10 percent of a product's costs
now if that's true then you would have
to sell literally $30,000 worth of
products you'd have to make $30,000 in
revenue for Amazon to take home $3,000
as your commission and that's with the
10% rate which not everyone's gonna get
because look at this it's basically just
luxury beauty or Amazon coins and I'm
immediately out when it comes to luxury
beauty because I don't wear makeup so it
all comes down to numbers here right and
basically if you want to make a hundred
dollars a day you'd have to sell about
$1,000 worth of products every single
day at a 10 percent commission now if
you're just dropping down to 5% you'd
have to sell essentially $2,000 worth of
products every single day to reach that
now how can we get there one you either
sell higher ticket products that you
know you can basically sell just one
okay and then make over $60 or you can
sell more products and this is called
bundling okay when you buy a camera for
example you don't just buy the camera
you buy batteries you buy an SD card you
buy a tripod you buy a microphone you
can buy so many accessories now this is
an easy way to maximize your profits and
instead of just making $10 or $20 or $30
every time you sell a camera now
you're making 40 or 50 dollars if you
sell a whole set or a whole bundle
that's an easy way to maximize your
profit now another way to make more
money with Amazon Associates other than
getting sales right which is obvious is
getting more traffic okay
let's say you have a 3% conversion rate
on people who click our links and buy
something from Amazon then simply if you
want to make more sales or make more
money you just need to get more people
clicking your links right now to do this
you need to create content that attracts
consumers who are in the research phase
they are looking up this product so
let's say a MacBook Pro what you would
do is you create content that revolves
around people searching up this product
in order to buy right now when people
want to buy something what do they do
they look up a review post ok so one
example is making a review post that
entices someone to buy who is let's say
the right customer who you know this
product is perfect for them we don't
want to be selling stuff to people just
for the sake of making money because
that's the number one way to basically
lose in this business is if you're not
thinking long term and you're not
actually thinking about your customers
but if this is the right product for a
specific person right specific customer
then we can more than gladly promote it
and sell it to them and it's a lot
easier to sell products that you believe
in then that you use yourself I mean I
have an Apple MacBook Pro right here on
my desk I've been using the same one for
over 7 plus years and I love it and I
would not hesitate to recommend it to
anyone who's interested in an Apple
MacBook Pro right so taking you guys
back to basically how do you make more
money with the Amazon affiliate
marketing you just need to get either
more traffic or more sales and traffic
comes from creating content that
attracts consumers right and ranking on
Google or YouTube as a form of SEO or
search engine optimization if you guys
didn't rank for certain terms like let's
say MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro review
then you're gonna be getting organic
customers free traffic they're already
interested in what you have to offer and
they are that close to buying you just
have to you know kind of get them over
the edge so basically my system was
figuring out how do I get more traffic
and how do I get more consistent traffic
and more quality traffic cuz it doesn't
matter if you get
10,000 clicks if nobody buys right I'd
rather get 100 clicks and get 10 sales
and get 10,000 clicks and get one sale
and some people do have that low of a
conversion rate because their content is
not focused on the consumer it's not
focused on consumer research you know
during that phase where they're looking
to actually buy they're focusing on
making content that just entertains
people or is just for fun okay it's not
really to get people in that buying
mindset when I found my system of
getting consistent steady traffic from
SEO and paid traffic combined so this is
Facebook Ads Instagram ads YouTube ads
when I combine those two things where
I'm guaranteeing traffic through paid
traffic I'm literally paying for people
to visit my website visit my content and
I'm also getting that organic free
traffic from people who are searching up
my products boom that's how I was able
to get this system going and you see
this huge spectacular growth and you
really need a system because if you're
not getting consistent traffic and sales
every single day then you don't really
have control over your business you
don't really have a sound business plan
right you're just getting lucky so what
you need to do is you need to systemize
and really create something that can get
you consistent reliable traffic every
single day because if you have a
conversion rate of like let's say 3%
there's two ways to get more sales you
either get more traffic or you raise
that three percent to a five percent or
that five percent to a six percent now
you're getting more sales for the same
number of customers that you're getting
every single day you don't actually have
to get more customers you just have to
convert more of the customers you
already have walking in the door so
that's basically it I just want to
simplify it in this short simple YouTube
Post  but if you guys want to learn more
about my system I actually have a five
step system that I use you can check out
my brand new free training I created it
just for you guys and I just made it and
it just went live so you guys can check
that out in the description below sign
up for that check it out now the last
tip I want to give you guys is don't be
general okay I see some people trying to
do Amazon affiliate marketing and they
basically create like a general store
without any content without any research
without any you know sort of sales to
help someone to make a purchase decision
right they just literally make something
looks like a Shopify store but for
affiliate marketing guys this is not
gonna work okay I see so many people
just throw up their links or throw up
this affiliate product or this Amazon
like and expect to get sales it's not
gonna happen because you need to
basically prequalify people and then
also convince people on buying that
product now you can't do that if you're
throwing up you know all these different
sorts of niches
you're not specializing in any of them
and specialization and getting really
niche specific is how you really get
results because you separate yourself
from the competition when you go
specific on a single niche because you
show people that you know your brands or
your Posts or your content is focused
on just a single thing and it in turn
makes you look like an expert you don't
have to be an actual expert but you need
to have the appearance of an expert if
you want to convince people and
consumers to buy from you so that they
can trust you and trust your opinion and
also helps when you're giving someone
genuine advice on you know if this Apple
MacBook is for them because the truth is
if someone were to just be browsing the
internet and checking their emails and
watching YouTube you don't need a $2,500
laptops to do that if you were to do
real professional work and you really
required some computing power dedicated
graphics card and you needed something
that you can take on the go and it would
be reliable it would be durable then an
Apple MacBook Pro is a great great
choice but guys I don't want to get into
the PC versus Windows debate and just to
show you guys I also have a PC myself
this is a predator laptop so I'm on both
sides I don't want to turn this into a
PC versus Mac debate I love both but
they're for different crowds and for
different purposes all right so to sum
things up you really need to one be
and two you really need to create system
that gets steady traffic and steady
sales and there's only two ways to get
more money it's either you get more
sales from the traffic you already have
or you get more traffic right now it's a
lot easier to just turn that conversion
rate from a 1% to a 2% from some simple
tweaks rather than having to get a
hundred new customers every single time
you want to make a sale right I would
rather take my conversion rate from 1%
to 2% and have to get another one
brand-new customers in the door just to
make another sale okay

How To Make Make Money Online by Just WATCHING VIDEOS! (2020)

every single day guys I get one question
that comes along with my emails that is
very very common and that question is
how can you start to make some sort of
money online if you have no money no
investment you literally have no money
to start online well usually it takes
money to make money online but today I'm
going to show you how you can make
around about thirty dollars per hour
watching videos online yes and you could
do this with zero dollars all you need
is a little bit of time to do this so
let's jump into my office and I'll show
you exactly how you can make thirty
dollars per hour online right now
alright guys before we get started I
want to mention one thing the reason I'm
showing you this particular method so
you can get a little bit of money so you
can use that money to hopefully start
another business online this is perfect
to get a little bit of money to start a
dropship in business and affiliate
marketing business maybe you want to
start your own course and do Facebook
ads or you can keep the money if you
like however my recommendation is to do
this and then use the money for
something even bigger
alright guys because I get asked all the
time how can you make money off zero
dollars this is a great way to do it
guys it's free you don't need to spend
any money this is just going to take a
little bit of time for you to do this is
absolutely perfect if you're looking for
a quick and easy way to make a little
bit of money online but to get started
as well guys you must have a PayPal
account this is really important because
this is how all of your monies need sent
to you so go to PayPal calm sign up for
an account and then you're gonna get
paid the money into PayPal and you can
take that money out and do whatever you
like with it spend it by louis vuitton
or designer stuff if you like or buy
some new shoes or you can use it to
start and grow another business which is
what I recommend you do guys before we
get into the actual method make sure you
leave a comment below hit the subscribe
button hit that notification bell and
make sure you give this video a like
because I give away free stuff every
single week plus a giveaway entry into
one of my courses as some of you guys
know so make sure you do that to get an
entry now the reason I'm showing you
this method as well guys part from the
money side is I actually have a Trevor
fight theme called EECOM turbo calm
right and we have the theme has EPS
built in and stuff like that now we need
people to test it for us to watch videos
and find
and all sorts of stuff so what we do is
we actually use these websites to do
that we pay people 10 20 $30 $40 $50 to
watch videos with our product and test
our product okay so you know as you can
imagine a theme with apps in it we come
across a lot of bugs with the update all
the time so we consistently testing and
testing and testing so what you want to
do guys as I picked the best three sites
that you can do this with okay this one
is called and what you
can do is you can come here and you can
earn up to $60 per test all right guys
listen to my phone on silent we have
some money coming in but make plenty of
money online so you can make up to $60
per test guys and what you can do is
basically you can watch videos you can
test our apps and websites and companies
like my company EECOM turbo we will pay
you to test stuff for us okay so this is
how it works get $10 via PayPal for
every twenty minute video you complete
user testing pays you for visiting apps
and completing tasks of Washington
videos and stuff like that so ten
dollars every twenty minutes on average
is roughly about every ten to twenty
minutes so it's around about thirty
dollars per hour it's actually a little
bit more than that so you can make one
hundred two hundred dollars per day you
know so guys once again you do this
without spending any money it's just
time everyone's got a little bit of time
on their hands all right and go down
guys and this is used by a very very big
brands as well but this isn't the only
site you can use okay there are two more
that I've found I mainly use this one
but there's this one here guys called
user feel calm as well you go to become
a become a tester become a tester and
earn $10.00 per test each test lasts 10
to 20 minutes you do it from your home
computer or smartphone go so you can
even do it from a smartphone we would
prefer people to or from a laptop when
we do ours read the phone instructions
and I've got an example video and stuff
like that guys so you can go and watch
videos test apps test websites test
software stuff like that and get paid to
do it
now that's not the only website guys the
only two there is also
another one which I you know I like
there's heaps but these are the top
three in my opinion this is another one
called user and it's easy
register to earn money okay
interact with web and mobile apps and
stuff like that you can also probably
watch videos on here as well get paid by
a paypal and these guys will pay five
ten to fifteen dollars or even as much
as ninety dollars it all depends on the
person that wants the test done or the
you know the video that's watch so what
happens guys is what we actually does
without themas will send people will
have a video right and we'll have a
video of a process like someone going to
you know we'll we'll be like hey this
upload the Shopify theme to a store and
we'll do a purchase checkout right and
we'll record it and what we do is we
upload it to the website so we get
people to watch the video to see if they
can see me think that we missed okay so
that's kind of when the watch video
thing comes into play and yeah that's
well it guys so you go so guys it's
really really easy to do you go to one
of these three websites you sign up you
spend a little bit of time on this you
know let's say you do three tests today
okay it's thirty dollars per day now I
know that doesn't seem like a lot of
money but when you're stuck in a
nine-to-five job and you do this after
work or something can you get an extra
$30 it soon starts to accumulate right
thirty dollars times that by two for the
next day six dollars times that by
thought you've got a hundred twenty
extra dollars in a week right then you
times it again and again again and it
accumulates four hundred dollars a month
five hundred dollars a month and you can
use that money to start another business
online whether it be drop shipping
affiliate marketing or maybe you want to
use Facebook ads or Google Ads
and one of your online businesses that
you already have right so my website  is
all about making money but I understand
that a lot of people don't know where to
start they literally have $0 guys I get
so many emails about that so I'm pretty
sure most of my demographic have no
money or online knowledge so to get some
online money you can simply go and do
this on these three websites and make
some money guys and by the way I'm not
you know this doesn't get rich quick
scheme I'm not telling you that this is
gonna work for everybody I'm not telling
you this gonna make you rich this is
going to make you a few dollars so you
can start something
yourself or you might want to make some
money after work on the side with a bit
of extra food or something great who
knows I don't know the situation but
you're obviously here trying to learn
how to make money all right
and then once you so I don't know how
long usually it takes around about four
five days or something to get the money
two or three days or just depends on the
website but you know there's these three
websites will pay you into your PayPal
account once you're paid into your
PayPal account you can withdraw that
money to your bank account and comes in
your bank account within three or four
days then you can use that money or
whatever you'd like it's a very very
good system and actually the sale I just
got for fourth was on PayPal right that
little ding ding you heard so guys
that's the three sites
you can test apps test web sites watch
the videos you get up to six dollars per
test on this side okay I ran about ten
dollars every 20 minutes
this one is user field comm they will do
you ten dollars per test once again each
test lasts around about ten to twenty
minutes now they're probably not gonna
have a lot of tests you can do like the
you can't just keep doing it every hour
all right or I'm sorry every ten twenty
minutes and making some money you know
they might do three four tests a day
that you can do or one or two tests a
day preferably you want to be doing 30
bucks an hour but it really just depends
on what site but if you use all of these
sites guys and other sites you can
definitely do $30 an hour for quite a
long time maybe forever and then we have
this one here get paid to test apps
these guys will pay you 5 10 15 20 or
even up to $90 per test all right guys
it's really that simple when you scroll
down you're putting your email you sign
up all of that good stuff and it's a
free to sign up and then inside you'll
get all the information to do as well
and you can watch videos making money
watching videos those are the easiest
ones all right guys now as some of my
subscribers know we actually just did a
rerelease on my e-commerce Shopify
training now I don't like to do big
promotions on this but I do like to
mention it at the end of my videos just
in case this and people here that are
interested in jumping in and actually
we'll just show you inside so this is
equivalence 2.0
if you if you don't know what this is
this is a ecommerce training
showing people how to build ecommerce
stores if you have any money
liked this video you can go and make
some money but this method method and
then you can expand it to other business
models like this so we've got around
here guys there's all sorts of modules
you know just basically takes you
through how to start your own e-commerce
business online selling drop shipping
products okay I've got heaps of posts
on that on my website if you want to
check out that you have no idea what
that is
however for the 2.0 launch guys we are
doing a special deal we're doing a cyber
monday deal whenever this video is
recorded it might be a little bit late
but we are Delana cyber monday deal so
if you want to jump in there it is like
we do we have extended it for 24 hours
because a lot of people want it extended
so I did do that for everyone if you
want to jump into this guy so you come
in here all the information is on the
page you can start your own online drop
shipping business drop shipping is a
great business model by the way it
explains it all on here or you can go
watch my other videos explaining what
drop shipping is how it works and how it
can make you money 

How To Make Money From Your Music in 2020

hello and welcome to the post today I
want to talk about making money
from your music in 2020 whether you're
an artist music producer rapper singer
songwriter what's the quickest and
easiest way to make sure that you're
getting paid the full amount of money
you deserve for the art that you're
creating specifically I'm going to be
showing you the cheapest and quickest
way to get your music on to all of the
major streaming sites and sales sites so
not just iTunes and Spotify Apple music
but also you know tidal Deezer and about
a hundred and fifty other stores how do
you make this happen as quickly and
easily as possible stuff to do with
money and finance can often become
really stressful and the last thing you
want is for this to become a real burden
on your creativity and your art so a lot
of you may know that you can't simply
just upload your music to all of these
stores by yourself you have to go
through a middleman historically this
has been a record label but nowadays you
know most independent artists are using
distributors the problem with
distributors is that they're usually
still taking a big cut of your profit
they're charging you a lot of money up
front but your albums your singles out
there you know some are charging as much
as thirty or forty dollars just to put
an album out there each year and others
might let you upload music for free but
then they're taking a percentage of your
royalties which is something you want to
stay away from completely the
distributor that I finally settled on is
called district it and I was recommended
it by a friend and then I noticed that
loads of really sensible producers and
artists are using it as well and I
actually have an exclusive discount for
you so if you go to district 8 com
forward slash VIP forward slash in the
mix you'll actually get money off your
first year it's a distributor where you
submit your music and your artwork and
you basically just give them some basic
information you know when you want it to
be released or artist page you want it
to go on to and they pretty much do the
rest of you they create your artist page
on Spotify iTunes Apple music and all
the rest of it and it's also going to
verify that artists page so you'll get
your verified tech or or star and
Spotify and then you start collecting
all of your revenue you get a hundred
percent of the streaming revenue the
sales and it's all for one small upfront
cost each year so you pay nineteen
ninety nine dollars
or a little bit cheaper if you using my
discount link and you get to upload
unlimited singles unlimited ep's albums
as many songs as you want any time of
day or night you get to upload as much
as you want and on top of getting to
upload as much as you want your music
gets into stores about 10 to 20 times
faster than any other distributor this
really really shocked me because most of
the time with any other major
distributor you have to wait you know 10
days two weeks if you're lucky
sometimes four to six weeks to get your
music onto stores in district it
sometimes our music is in stores in a
matter of hours usually between one day
or two days sometimes as quick as a
matter of hours and this just really
shocked me because like I didn't ever
like waiting 2 to 4 weeks to get my
music out there and district it just
does it like that I do have a full
tutorial showing exactly how to use
district it which I'll link in the
description but it really is foolproof
it's not difficult to figure out it it
really is made for absolutely everyone
and as well as being the cheapest and
the fastest and the easiest one to use
at least in my opinion there's also a
couple of standout features that I want
to talk about that I think set district
it apart from the competition the first
one being their incredible customer
service you never get messed around by
them I've had a couple of queries or
worries in the past about things they've
always replied incredibly quickly I got
to speak to a real human being and it
just sort of settled all my worries this
sort of money stuff financial stuff it
gets stressful the last thing you want
are these doubts and worries creeping in
when really all you want to do is create
incredible art another two features I
want to talk about are Shazam and
YouTube maximization so you can opt your
music into Shazam which means that if
anyone hears it in a public place or
maybe on the radio or in the car or
whatever someone else is playing another
party they can just Shazam it and your
music will show up that's incredibly
useful and our music has actually been
discovered through this feature over a
thousand times another thing is the
YouTube Maximizer so you can opt your
songs into this and it means that if
anyone else uses your music you know
it's a backing track in a youtube post
or something like that you get alerted
and if you want you can look at it and
say yeah no that's fine that they can do
that or if you think they're making a
lot of money from it and you deserve
a cup then you can make money from that
Post so that you're collecting money
not just from your own streams and sales
but also in other places where people
are using your music and the last
feature I want to talk about which is
brand new is the team's feature and this
is an incredibly powerful bargaining
chip I mean it really is incredible what
it lets you do is once the songs been
uploaded you can negotiate splits with
your team's so say you're a producer or
your beat maker or your mixer and you're
working in a collaboration you can split
the revenue from a certain song or album
you know do it per single depending on
who did the work so if you're working in
a duo you can just set that up and it
just takes all the worry about a manager
or someone having to split it for you
taking a percentage you just set up your
splits and what I found this useful for
is often as a mixing engineer or a beat
maker people are not always willing to
pay you your rate upfront if I just say
to someone that's going to be $400 to
mix that song they might say well could
you do it for 300 but maybe I can get
20% of the streaming revenue for the
lifetime of that song what you'll find
if you do that is that the people in
your collab are more likely to be
enthusiastic about the project because
they want the outcome to be incredible
if a mixing engineer knows that they're
going to get 10% of the streaming
revenue of a song they might just put
that little bit extra effort in and make
it really Sparkle make it really perfect
for you as I mentioned earlier if you
want to know the exact process of
uploading through district 8 check out
my other tutorial and if you want money
off this service please do use the link
in the description district accom /v IP
forward slash in the mix it will get you
money off your first year it's an
exclusive link just for you guys I will
get a small Commission for everybody
that uses that link but what's great
about this kind of sponsorship is that I
was already using district it for years
before they reached out and gave me that
affiliate link so it's just the best
situation for me because I get to
promote something that I actually use
every day in my music career and I know
that historically and to this day
there's still a lot of anger in the
community because artists are not
getting them the money that they're owed
for their art
but the worst thing you can do is simply
not put your are out into the world it
deserves to be seen it deserves to be
heard it's incredibly important that you
put your art out onto as many stores as
possible to maximize your fan base keep
your audience as broad as possible and
also make sure that you're collecting
revenue from all of those small streams
making money in 2019 is about lots of
little streams of income all pooling
together and I also just wanted to say
that although you know Spotify and
iTunes Apple music are likes or maybe
the big three I have friends that only
listen to music on Amazon music or only
Google Play or only on Deezer or tidal
and it's important for all of your fan
base to feel included so even if there's
only maybe a hundred streams on one of
them you know that you're reaching as
many people as possible and although
there's a lot of injustice about how
much artists are paid and that they
should be paid more and I truly believe
that the worst thing you can do is not
put your music out into the world it's
an incredible feeling to put your
instrumentals or your music out into the
world it's you know you're drawing a
line under your work and it gives you a
chance to reflect on it and move on and
keep growing as a musician.

How to Make Money on Instagram

so what's going on guys in this Post 
we'll be going over a way you can make
an extra hundred dollars a day at any
age anywhere in the world through
Instagram so as I just stated in this
Post  we'll be going over a little
finesse scheme a little business model
that you can use to make some decent
money I know what you're thinking you'll
be a hesitate like button but I have a
question I'm not a little pump I'm not
Bobby shmurda I got no bars how am I
gonna I'm not famous on Instagram how am
I gonna make money that's the beauty of
the strategy that I'm gonna be talking
about today it doesn't matter who you
are it doesn't matter what age you are
you can use this to make money and this
is done through something called
Instagram themed pages if you don't know
what that is it's basically where a
certain individual will start a page
Instagram page and a specific niche say
it's cars Fitness fashion means anything
and they'll start reposting people's
content so say I start a fitness page
I'll start reposting people's workouts
you know I'll give them credit they're
happy they're getting free publicity I'm
happy I have content to post and I'm
growing a page so I'll actually go ahead
and hop into my phone and show you guys
a couple of examples of what I'm talking
about so this right here would be a
classic example of a mean page to either
reposting these little meme posts
they're giving people okay this pages
they're giving people credit for them
those people are happy they're happy
this page has four million followers I
mean that's that's really good another
example 1.5 million followers in the
cars in each same exact thing the
reposting stuff that specific to their
niche in this case cars you're giving
people credit for it and they're going
there they have a little following now
final examples same exact thing but in
the fitness niche as you can see they're
posting diet type stuff they're posting
before and afters workouts stuff related
to the fitness niche I know it's cool
and all these pages have a lot of
followers that's nice but where's the
actual money and the way people make
money off these Instagram theme pages is
that advertisers and people looking to
promote their product their company will
actually hit these pages up and pay them
to post a photo and advertisement on
their page and obvious
see the more followers you out of the
more pages you have the more money you
can make from this and the sky's the
limit here you can turn this into
something pretty serious that's just the
basic business model and what I want to
do next is actually dive a little deeper
and show you how all of this actually
how do people hit you up how do you find
people who will pay you to post on your
pages how do you grow pages so if you're
interested in that stick around that's
gonna be the next part of this so step
one is obviously gonna be making the
page itself and before you even do that
you got to think of a niche now you know
there's there's leeches that you can
grow very easily there's niches that you
can grow that are a little harder to
grow but you shouldn't be caught up
without what you need to think about is
what niche can I choose that people will
pay me the most money for you know what
what do people want to advertise the
most and what audience do they want to
advertise the most - and that's kind of
the page you want your audience to have
so once you've found your niche you
started your account that's when you
start grinding to get those followers
there's a million different YouTube
Posts out there on YouTube of different
strategies that you can use to build up
your Instagram I'm not gonna be going
into that in this post I'll probably
make a post of that in the future
though so you're gonna use these
techniques and strategies you know to
get to your first ten twelve thousand
followers that's when you can actually
begin making money off your theme page
so I personally made my first Instagram
shout-out sale at about ten twelve
thousand followers it was on a travel
and photography type pages that I
started so it's basically that kind of
range ten to twenty thousand that's when
you first begin making money you know
ten twenty dollars here and they'll
start going from there and now when you
first start out you might not have your
damps flooded with people asking you to
promote the product throwing money at
you that's not how it's gonna work you
know your first ten twenty thousand
followers yeah people will hit you up in
DMS for shoutouts but it's not very
frequent so during that period I
personally when I was doing this use the
service a little website called shout
Cart I'll leave a link for it below and
what shout card basically is it's a
service that connects people who want to
buy shout outs to people who want to
sell shout outs
it's specifically designed for this
business model and for people looking to
make money in this but the drawback with
shout card is that it takes about 20 to
30 percent of your cut and that's a lot
of money but when you're
starting out you know it's fine if you
don't have a bunch of people ready to
pay you in your diem is ready to PayPal
you directly the full amount shout card
is a great idea just because you'll get
your first couple of sales I don't make
your little make you the page you're
going worth your time and once you're
making your first couple of sales you
know you want to keep growing keep
making money
upping your prices and what you
eventually want to do is start opening
up a page a page or two in the same
niche as the page you're currently
running and making money off of and the
cool thing about that is once you have
this page that's making money and you've
started a couple of other pages you can
use your big page to promote the little
ones and you already know what you're
doing and you can really grow them up a
lot quicker and obviously the more pages
you have the more money you can make the
more shoutouts you can sell and that's
kind of the end goal of this whole
strategy is to eventually have a lot of
pages in the same niche and although the
end goal is to have a lot of pages I
really don't recommend that you start
out with ten different pages just
because this is something that's gonna
take some time to get good at it's gonna
take some time to grow so starting out
ten different pages right off the bat
you're gonna spread your self kind of
thin and you're gonna burn out and we're
out and this is where a lot of people
give up on this golden opportunity so
that's how you actually make money from
the themed page and like I said earlier
in the Post I'm not gonna be going in
depth on how you can actually grow the
page but I will give you guys three
three simple tips to kind of help start
you off tip number one would be that
there's no shame and starting out your
page and you know getting the ball
rolling through follow for follow a lot
of people tell you oh that's gonna
shadow band your account
I mean I've personally started a lot of
pages and growing them to hundreds of
thousands of followers and I would start
them out the same way each time and
that's by starting to use follow for
follow till I get to about you know four
to five thousand followers at which
point the posts on the page they'll
start getting unlike spore page and
you'll start getting organic growth but
the first five thousand followers I mean
follow for follow all the way tip number
two is gonna be to post like crazy and
when I say like crazy I'm talking a six
posts a day minimum if you look at very
successful pages like world start
they're posting 2030 times a day which
is insane and if you have the time
suppose twenty thirty times a day
go for it power to you that's gonna work
and the reason why you want to do that
it's like I previously said you know
once you get to your first 5,000
followers your posts will start getting
on the explore page and you'll start
getting organic growth from that so the
more you post the more of your posts
will get onto the export page and the
quicker you can grow the more followers
you can have tip number three is gonna
be to always have a story posted on your
theme page the reason why that's
important is because when you post a
story you get that little ring around
your profile picture and this little
brain does wonders
so one it'll actually make your account
look more aesthetically pleasing to
people who stumble across it on the
explore page you know they see you have
a nice bio they see you have that cool
little circle around you you got a nice
profile picture boom follow and they're
more important reason is that you appear
way more active so I'll show you guys a
comparison no story story as you can see
the profile picture with a story I mean
it shows that you've been active in the
last 24 hours
and people really have no interest in
following a dead page but if you have
that circle people know okay this guy's
been on the page sometimes last 24 hours
this is an active page boom follow oh
that's gonna be it for this Post  hope
you guys enjoyed it hope you guys got
something out of it in future posts
I'll probably go more in depth on to
actual ways you can grow the page and
that whole aspect of this business model

How To Make $90+ A Day With Twitter | Make Money Online in 2020

hey what's up this is Tyler Pratt
Twitter viewer thought about maybe
taking Twitter jumping on that traffic
taking your affiliate offers promoting
your affiliate offers and then
ultimately making money using that big
social media platform with Twitter well
in this post I'm gonna show you how to
do it how to set it up where to go to
get the links and just how to do the
whole thing right here on this post now
Before we jump into that though there's
going to be a link in the description
below hit that real quick because what
I'm gonna do is I'm gonna send you my
number one recommended opportunity right
here online also there's gonna be a
subscribe button and a bell if you hit
both of those then I'm gonna send you
all the Posts and you won't miss any of
them alright so this is gonna be my
twitter jacking system i've taught this
a bunch of times and people get kind of
confused with it so i wanted to just
kind of go over a little bit more with
you right here now we're not stealing
anything from twitter all we're doing is
just i'm just using that terminology to
use their traffic in order to promote
your affiliate offers now you're not
gonna really crush it with this this
isn't gonna be something you're gonna
absolutely just go crazy with it to
crush it online you gotta you got to buy
ads and you gotta really get it final
right people but this is super simple
for anyone to get up and get running and
you don't need you know income all you
need is your effort now with your effort
it's going to require you to put in the
effort for this so what I want to do is
I'm gonna before I jump into Google
Trends I wanted to show you really quick
how this works now anything you do
online anything you do with your
affiliate offers anything you do with
just trying to generally make money
online is this and this is the only way
you got to you got to really pay
attention to this because this is this
is how you succeed online you got this
giant audience right here okay so this
is an audience of people okay now it's a
very specific audience of people this
giant audience right here are people
that that spend money now there's lots
and lots of audiences out there on the
Internet okay so there's lots and lots
of audiences and they're all spending
money in these different audiences so
for example this could be right this
could be the dating niche
this could be the business opportunity
niche this could be the Forex marketing
niche or this could be the investment
niche okay so there's people in these
little audiences pockets of audience
that spend a ton of money and it's your
job really is just to find those pockets
audiences and drop your affiliate link
in front of them this big one I hear is
going to be the diet and wealth our diet
and health niche right here okay these
are people that are looking to lose
weight they're looking to better
themselves they're looking to feel
better the holidays are coming up they
want to look good they don't want to eat
a ton of food and plus January that's
coming up the when January hits
everybody thinks you know all of a
sudden we got to start working out
because you know December November
wasn't a good time to work out so now
all of a sudden January guys start
working out so you can get in front of
this audience and you can crush it
because people are looking for products
to help them lose weight now I like to
get into this this health and nutrition
market right here by offering them
products that may be supplements right
supplements are something that people
always buys they think they can just
take a pill and they can lose weight it
doesn't work like that but if you want
to sell sell somebody that with your
affiliate link by all means go for it so
then you have all this big audience
right here all you have to do is just
take this audience take you you got your
link right here okay so maybe this is a
sales page right here with your link and
all you're doing is just dropping people
into this sales page right here okay so
on this sales page is gonna be a Buy Now
button so when somebody comes here they
go through your link okay and they click
on this little Buy Now button here goes
over to an order form they buy the
product okay you get paid right here
you're happy everything's good so this
is the concept that you always want to
be aware of when you're trying to make
money online this is really it you just
got to figure out how to get find these
pockets and drop your affiliate link
into that so I'm gonna look at this
Twitter dragging process for you because
it's one of the more easiest and
simplest ways to get
the audience but first we want to look
at let's take a look at Google Trends
here and we'll look at let's just look a
diet I love look looking at this graph
because it tells you exactly when to
start promoting right so right here it
says look so you can see it's really low
right here between December 17th
December 23rd but then look at this it
jumps it goes skyrockets from 23rd
through the 31st because everybody's on
holidays they're all eating ton of food
and they're all getting frustrated
because they're eating all this food and
it is it's coming up to January 1st and
everybody thinks that ok magically
January 1st I'll start my new diet and
that's good for you as a marketer
because then you can jump on these
trends right here and it just continues
to really did throughout the whole year
pretty much but you can look right here
so we're in November here's gonna be
December 1st so it's gonna be about
right here so December 1st it's just
gonna kind of go along here and then
also boom it's gonna go skyrocket back
up to 100% that's good for you because
what you can do is you can start to get
ahead of this curve right here now I
want to show you some numbers really
quick just let me go back to my pad here
if you you have free traffic and then
you have paid traffic
ok so pay traffic obviously you pay for
the traffic but this is where you make
the most money with free traffic you
have to put in your time and to put in
your effort you have to really have to
hustle to make it work so with this
we're gonna talk about free traffic so
if you take your link and you get your
link out there let's say 30 times a day
ok you just post your link in different
places 30 times a day you're probably
gonna pick up two sales ok these are the
numbers if you only post your link like
one or two times you're just not gonna
have enough numbers to make it work for
you so you have 30 times you put your
link out there ok and then you're going
to get about 2 sales from this this is
just kind of the average that I've seen
when I get my link out to the internet
so two sales so if you're making $45 a
sale to two of those you're gonna pick
up about 90
per day okay so but you got to really
crank it out you got to get 30 30 of
your links every day so today you can
use 30 links out there tomorrow you get
30 30 more links out there and you just
keep this process going if you want to
you know really 10x this and you want to
go like get you know sixty links out
there per day well then you just double
your numbers here now you're looking at
four sales a day okay so the four sales
but these are the numbers that you
really got a zero in on again this is
free traffic this is this is taking up
your time to really get your links out
there paid traffic is where you would
just bypass all of this but today we're
going to talk about free traffic so
those are the numbers keep those numbers
in your mind as you're going through
this so if we go to diet the first thing
what I really want to do is you want to
jump on you want to find a good diet
offer ok diets is there's gonna be a lot
of them go to offer vault you go to
category here and you can come down here
to see your diet and weight loss and you
click on apply' so any of these you can
come in here you can see all of these
different affiliate affiliate networks
these are all the affiliate networks
these are the networks that actually pay
you so there's lots of them out there
Mac's bounty is really good
g4 offers are really good affiliate x/e
is really really good their revenue ads
is good
max bounding again okay there's gonna be
lots of good ones pure fly is really
good what I like to do with with diet
and weight loss offers I like to jump
over here to market health so market
health calm again if you get in here and
they don't accept you then don't worry
about it go back here to offer vault and
just try to pick up one of these other
networks so you know get into one of the
other networks and they're gonna have
similar offers as market health does so
inside of market health we're going to
look at the different offers here so
inside of market health you're going to
the reason why Martel is good is because
they have it's all it's all just diet
and weight loss there's nothing else in
this now they do have business
opportunities but it's really kind of
limited but let's take a look at this
offer right here so this is going to be
so this is garcinia altra pure CPA okay
so this is a pays out $45 purse cost per
action so somebody comes to the website
and they buy they get this bottle now
the reason why I like this is because
this is a pill right here and people
like to take the pill thinking they're
gonna lose a ton of weight and they buy
this this product pretty much all the
time now usually this bottle they're
gonna they're gonna say it's a free
bottle sometimes but a lot of times
they're gonna just when you click when
somebody goes as page like a customer
goes this page they're just going to put
in their name their information and then
they're gonna pay for shipping and
handling but the cool thing is is even
if they pay only like four or five
dollars per shipping and handling you're
gonna get your forty five dollars per
cost per action okay so this is the
offer though that you get now you got to
go find the pockets of people and where
to find those people so you can come
over here to Twitter
twitter is a really good place to do
that and so you can come in here and you
type in something like I need to diet
and you put it in parenthesis you got to
put it in parenthesis because then it it
narrows down the see right here it says
in in the bolder here says I need a diet
so what it does is it brings up all the
people that are posting on Twitter
saying I need a diet so all of these
people are saying I need a diet they're
struggling with it now the cool thing is
is you can actually come in here and you
can post a reply you can post a reply
right in here and what you do is you're
gonna post a reply with your affiliate
link so if we come back to your to the
garcinia ultra-pure you can take this
and you can generate a tiny URL right
here see that tiny URL right there I'm
gonna copy that so I'm going to copy
this to my clipboard and then I'll just
come over here - I need a diet
this is I mean this was just posted like
23 hours ago this woman here is 15 hours
ago November 24th I mean all these are
recent you can come in here you can just
bang out all of these are here I mean
there's tons of November all of these
happen within the last two days so you
can see that there's a huge demand for
diet there's people dinner to ask you
for I need to diet but Thanksgiving and
Christmas better wait until after New
Year's see this right here says I needed
I need to diet but Thanksgiving and
Christmas better wait until after New
Year's right everybody's thinking after
New Year's well why wait till New Year's
okay so what you can come in here and
you can say said you know why wait until
New Year's New Year's I have had great
success with this diet okay and then I'm
gonna post my link now I'm gonna hit the
reply and that's gonna go right to
Cynthia also if people come in here and
they see this post they're gonna see the
link in here okay
now what I recommend you doing this is
if you're gonna do this don't just don't
just say click here to go do a diet
because it just looks spammy you gotta
act like you're interacting with this
person act like you're you're responding
to them so you could say like says I
need to diet and get my together
you could say well why not you know you
could just be like you know let's get
your stuff together right now I had a
great success with this diet click on
this link check it out okay so you
wanted you want to kind of respond to
this to the person that's actually
saying the thing so let's see your I
need a diet okay so you can respond to
post I need to diet but just can't wait
so like if we come down here to this one
here where was where was this one at
this one right here so if we do this why
wait why wait until New Year's get
started now I have had great success
with this diet and then put our name in
their court right and then put the link
okay so you can respond directly to them
with the link and then you hit reply
boom that gets put in there now
sometimes people are gonna get they
might get upset they might you know
delete the link out that's fine just
just go on to the next one again you're
gonna have to really put the numbers in
for this because you got to put the
numbers out there to make this work if
you want to do this one day and you only
do a couple times you're just not gonna
see the numbers you're not gonna see the
success it just takes time you either
have time or you have money because the
only two ways you're going to make money
with a business time or money so with
this you know with this process that
we're doing right here this is time this
is how you take time and how you utilize
the time that you have in order to to
make make it work so again if you have
the money you go by you got go by paid
at but most people don't have the money
to go by paid ads but with it but most
people that don't have the money to pay
that have to buy paid ads they can
actually take the time and go and work
the system here okay so that's all you
got to do just follow this process get
out there respond to people again
respond to people normally don't just
act like you're interacting with them
use their name in the response if you
just go with this if you just say click
this link for this for a great diet
it just looks spammy doesn't look like
you you try to make an effort with it
make an effort if you make an effort
then people are going to respond to you
they might not like it but that's fine
you just you continue with your numbers
may process more numbers the more
numbers you do the more chances you're
going to have people click on the link
go there and buy the product and then
you ultimately will have the ability to
create sales for you
okay so that's it try this Twitter
jacking process for you for yourself
this is where you you have a big
audience and all you got to do is you
take that take your links get them out
there and let people you know see your
links again create value for people
don't just post your link all over the
place because you'll just you'll get
frustrated the people that you're
posting links will get frustrated and it
won't work out to your benefit okay
that's it go go - go take action on that
and you should see success.

Earn $50.00 PayPal Money FAST! (Make Money Online)

earn up to $50 in paper money in this Post  we'll take a look at how you can earn up to $50 directly into your PayPal account now take a...